What's For Dinner #89 - the Dawn of a New Year Edition - January 2023

Punjabi (Desi / Indian Chinese) Chinese dinner:

  • Hakka noodles
  • Burnt garlic fried rice
  • Salt and Pepper Prawns
  • Soya Chilli Chicken (saucy)
  • Beyond Steak with broccoli (made at home)


I bought one and the pie was tasty but we were disappointed in the carton picture vs. the actual pie. I took a picture and sent it to them. They sent me a coupon for a free pizza. The problem? Three miniscule pieces of green bell pepper. That was it.

Two nights ago I made chicken tinga tacos at my kiddo’s insistence. I was happy to oblige and he ate three, some beans, a bite of slaw, and a plain tortilla. Growing! Sides of pinto beans, lemony fennel slaw, and some brown “Mexican” rice that just never cooked through and didn’t make the photo.


Kiddo has good taste — my favorite kind of taco! Craving tinga now.

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lazlo toth action i love it

A good entry for the DOTQ!



English cucumber salad . Grilled prawns with head on . I don’t know what kind of sauce

I bought ground beef and BISO chicken thighs at Hannaford yesterday. I didn’t need either. Someone please stop me from buying stuff on sale! :wink: My downstairs freezers are full to the brim!

So something had to be used today. Decided to go with a Cottage Pie since I had some leftover sour creamy mashed potatoes in the freezer from Thanksgiving as a topping

Patterned after the recipe at the link below, I used some leftover pork gravy from last weekend’s roast with some beef stock, added frozen corn with the peas, omitted the celery, and used a very light sprinkle of grated Parm-Reg instead of cheddar.

It was quite tasty! There was wine, of course. Needed the comfort food and wine for the Patriots well-deserved loss to the Bills.



I made Mexican-ish stuffed zucchini and tomatoes, which we brought over a friends’ house for dinner. Turned out well and a good use of the seasoned brown rice that didn’t make it to the table last meal.


Cilantro-poached sole over a garlic rice pilaf (both recipes from COTMs Mexican Everyday and More Mexican Everyday by Rick Bayless). Also, a salad with a cider vinegar vinaigrette to help cut the richness of the sauce on the fish. The fish recipe is delightful; rice was fine.


Finally making good on one of my goals: cooking a dish from my NYT recipe box that I haven’t made before. It’s mostly chicken or pasta dishes, like in cattle class on the plane :rofl:, but the roasted salmon with miso cream sauce appealed.

Went to the local fishmonger, who does a 50% off frozen fish every first Sunday of the month & scored Arctic char, steelhead trout & halibut filets.

Thawed the char for tonight’s meal, and had stir-fried broc on the side. I probably made too much sauce (the recipe calls for almost 3 lbs of salmon, and this was a 1.25 lbs total, but it was a nice change of pace.


Maine mussels with white wine/butter/garlic/shallot/crushed red pepper/parsley. Toasted baguette with olive oil and garlic rubbed over it. Salad (not pictured).


dinner last night at my sister’s. i marinated lamb lollipops in garlic/lemon juice/mashed anchovy, rosemary & thyme all day, my sister made fresh pasta, and i made cacio e pepe. the cacio e pepe wasn’t the best, i used the full ingredients on about half the pasta, so a little too oily. the chops were CHEF’S KISS TJ’s delicious baby cauli on the side with pecorino romano.


Chicken Cordon Bleu (filled with prosciutto and gruyere) topped with a parmesan cream sauce with sautéed mushrooms. Some of you might be wondering why the cream sauce is unexpectedly orange. The recipe I followed for the cream sauce called for a cube of chicken bouillon, and all I had around was “Consomate”, a tomato and chicken version. It still worked.


A simple shrimp-and-grits, using locally-caught crustaceans from the freezer, and DH’s home-smoked Kurobuta pork belly. Scallions and lemon juice for the finish.


Oh, I made that, with another kind of fish. I wasn’t that crazy about it, to honest. I’m glad you liked it, though.

Mushroom stroganoff. I love this. But I made it wrong. I should’ve seared the mushrooms in a dry pan so they give up their liquid, and then added the butter and onions. Sometimes I remember to do this, but not this time.


and tonight’s repast: i made a teeny (barely 2 lb.) pork shoulder roast, studded with garlic and rubbed with fennel pollen (out of actual fennel!) and red chili flakes, low and slow - 250 degrees for about 3 hours. Rancho Gordo’s alubia blancas in the Instant Pot with just salt & bay leaves for flavoring, a whole mess of broccoli rabe that melted down to nothing, and a roasted delicata squash. The whole reason for making the pork was to have a pork & broccoli rabe sandwich tomorrow with provolone for bfast. i can’t wait.


Simplified cassoulet (without duck confit) - dried cannellini beans, pork shoulder, sausage, tomatoes, tomato paste, garlic, white wine, chicken broth (flavored with salt pork, celery, thyme and bay leaf) and topped with fresh bread crumbs and parsley