What's For Dinner #88 - The Mad Rush Edition - December 2022

That looks fab. Did he make the broth or use BTB’s mushroom broth? I find it’s a great veg base for many soups.

He used BTB. This was my first time trying French Onion Soup, so I don’t have much personal frame of reference for comparing versions and ingredients.
All I know was this was sooo good, plus not made by me (which added to the enjoyment).
Yes, we now have a bottle of BTB mushroom broth base. Do you have any ideas what else we can use this for?


I think it really works!

I add it anywhere for Umami. You could make vegetarian Swedish meatballs?

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I have never tried veg Swedish meatballs, but no reason not to put them on the list.

I use it for my hot pot base, together with the BTB roasted garlic.


It’s just a good idea. I have the hardest time picking good mangos. Now I can say I planned on them being ripe and then use them in place of green papaya

Cook rice in it for a risotto. If you eat beef, stir it into beef stroganoff or any braised beef (like pot roast), use it as the base of a gravy for beef.


Risotto good idea, thank you. No beef or any other meat here.



Poaching liquid for eggs, fish and mushrooms (yes, gild the Lilly!)


Rice porridge or congee


Some good ideas thank you, especially for savory oatmeal and congee, and amping up mushrooms.
No meat here nor fish, cause for us, fish/seafood is meat.


Portobello mushroom burger with grilled red onions, gorgonzola, and Dijon mustard, and a side of roasted green beans hidden in the back!


Lunch was too many Christmas cookies. Dinner was chicken diavolo and romaine with homemade Caesar dressing.


It has been ages since I have made beef stew. Seasoned and seared the stew meat, added onion, garlic, deglazed the pan with a splash of wine, added beef broth, a dash of Maggi and bay leaves. Simmered for an hour than added carrots, celery and a potato. Salad of mixed greens, tomatoes, red onion, pickled beets, gorgonzola and ranch dressing. Warm baguette with parsley butter. Bourbon and ginger ale, wine.


Shrimp egg foo young. Nothing I love more than homemade Chinese takeout food.



Came down with the flu pretty much right after my return from Philly, so there’s not been much cooking going on at casa lingua. Yesterday was Indian takeout (lamb vindaloo xxxtra hot & spicy saaag paneer) that I wasn’t hungry for.

Tonight I felt well enough to put together a chicken noodle soup with homemade broth a dear friend delivered, the other ingredients were delivered by yet another friend - as we had neither extra wide egg noodles, nor leeks, nor carrots in the house, and we were basically snowed in all day.

My friend’s broth had a lot of black pepper in it, and I just added a little more water & BTB chicken so I could throw the entire TWO pounds of carrots in there. To me, chicken noodz soup cannot have enough carrots in it. Which is funny, cuz I’m not big on carrots otherwise.

Totes forgot to add the celery we did have in the house, nor did I add the fresh parsley my buddy had picked up as well.

Our holiday plans are pretty much canceled - we were going to host a HH sh-bang with hors d’œuvres and bubbles, but that is obviously not happening, and we’ll forgo carrying our crud to friends who are hosting xmas day. Oh, well.

ETA: For those wondering where TF all those carrots are… I took this pic halfway thru eating :rofl:


" Restoran Malaysia, Richmond Hill " - S.E Asian specialities!

With my wife back from Hong Kong. This evening, before the arrival of another mammoth Winter storm, the kids decided to congregate at my house to see their Mom. Since it was too much of a hurdle for me to cook an impromptu dinner for such a big party. As such, we decided to get take-out from a long forgotten place just down the road…" Restoran Malaysia, Richmond Hill"

Our selection of S.E Asian specialities included the following:

All-in-all, the meal was enjoyable and satisfying. My only complaint was the overly dry ’ chicken white meat ’ Satay. Even the delightful and tasty peanut base Satay sauce cannot rescue it!


Hope you recover soon. That soup looks restorative. Feeling sick really sucks, and especially around the holidays. We are preparing for very high winds, rain and floods from high tides on Cape Cod. Don’t know when we’ll lose power but it’s inevitable on the outer Cape with powerful coastal storms.


Yah, getting sick is never fun. I also had to cancel a gig tonight that I’d been looking forward to very much, with an incredibly talented drummer at our favorite venue.

That said, I already seem to be on the upswing from a very intense but clearly shortlived flu. My poor man OTOH is a day behind, so hopefully he’ll feel better by tomorrow, too.

And yes, please no power outages. It’s going to be insanely cold this weekend.


Tonight’s dinner was London Broil, mashed potatoes and peas. I thought I had some potatoes in the pantry, but I was wrong. I wanted to serve baked potatoes, but all I had was instant mashed :frowning_with_open_mouth:
Also, I should have rested the meat a bit longer, but it was still really yummy!!