What's For Dinner #88 - The Mad Rush Edition - December 2022

I made b/s chicken thighs cooked in a cast iron with white beans and kale seasoned with bacon, shallot, chicken broth, white wine, garlic, fresh sage, bay leaf, and Herbes de Provence. A loose riff on this ATK recipe. Cucumber salad and glazed French market carrots as the sides.


so you’ve not tried or not liked that dish from a Vietnamese restaurant before?

you were smart to use less garlic than the recipe calls for, but you’re right, it’s definitely a garlicky dish o’noodz!


Kielbasa with cannellini and greens.


:heart: that duck breast :yum: & your sauce sounds very yum too… Good luck on your bath project! :crossed_fingers:also love Alfie’s kitty yoga!


So sorry about your fall & injuries, hope you heal quickly!

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During fridge and freezer clean out last Saturday I discovered I have a lot of bread - tome to finish it up! Tonight I decided to make an open faced sandwich with sauteed vegetables with blue cheese served over toast.


Soup: Mirepoix, garlic, Italian sausage, chicken broth, bay leaf, diced tomatoes, cannellini beans, greens. Salad: Little Gem wedge, creamy Greek dressing, orange baby bell, green onion, Kalamata olives. Toasted baguette with garlic/parsley butter. Beefeater rocks and wine.


Duck leg cooked in the oven . Peas with butter . What I was after was the swiss potato rosti . I really tried for this . Did it work. Not at all . First time I made them

they were gorgeous. Tonight not so much . At least there was duck fat in those potatoes. Cheers .


Tonight’s dinner was a Pork Meatball & Vegetable Stew with biscuits. I modified a “Glen and Friends Cooking” recipe. I think I added just a bit too much beef stock as it was a little on the thin side, but the flavor was there. Sunshine asked for a second helping, which is extremely rare, so I know she enjoyed her dinner.

I’ll make it again, just a little less beef stock and I’ll tweak the spices a bit more.


Dinner’s coming together. Carbs, check :white_check_mark:

Albacore tuna, almost dismantled.

We were talking fish last night with uncle, and miso black cod came up. I suggested Masa miso prep for the albacore, since no access to black cod. Uncle seemed a bit skeptical, but being a good guest, he will humor me. Miso, sake and mirin. Marinate 3 days, and into the oven. Will report if worthy of a repeat.

Our assistant sushi chef (wife) just popped a sample piece of tuna toro (belly) in my mouth. OMG!! Fatty and rich, in a good way.

Spicy tuna. On sourdough?!?!?! Works!

Some baked tuna loins, stir fried beef/beans/wood ears and others followed. The comradery and alcohol insinuated, report stutters…


Fusili with Swiss chard (leaves and stems), pinto and cannellini beans, garlic, rosemary, pancetta, parmesan, red wine vinegar


I asked the BF to make merguez and eggs, a favorite combo of mine, and even though he’s not a lamb fan he complied. He made couscous too, with sauteed onions and bell peppers. This merguez isn’t as fatty as one I used to get, which is a shame because you don’t get a lot of the spiced juices mixing into the rest of the meal. Still, really good. little cuke salad on the side, with zaatar.


Fondue tonight with squishy French bread, little smokies, and all the veg and fruit. Steamed broccoli added post pic.


I love fondue what a treat, nice work with the little dogs!


A somewhat contrarian last day of Autumn Summer dish. Shrimp and scallop Mexican cocktail.


When life gives you lemons… u go to COSTCO! No Dungies off the boats until very end of year? No Black Cod because captains refitting their boats for crab???

The rock crabs the other night were not a satisfactory sub for our favorite crab. Bit the bullet and got some frozen dungeness just to fill the void. Heck, got some black cod as well for Miso Black Cod. Middle of winter, sacrifices have to be made. :slight_smile:

Another batch of miso marinate. Another fillet lesson.

Uncle is cheffing up a pot of special Borsht, no beets??

Acme Bread the bakery today. Their enjoyment of the bread refreshed my sourdough cravings.


Pan-roasted pork chops. Roast pumpkin. Sauteed green beans (from frozen). Applesauce.

Everything but the piggie from our garden production.


I made Chicken Piccata tonight using my favorite recipe from The Modern Proper. One of those few blog recipes that does not require modifications, though I use half the chicken (one pound instead of two) and keep the same amount of liquids for the sauce-- gotta have extra to dip bread in!

Some snacks while cooking, from the Italian market. Love the herb cheese stuffed peppers and that stuffed hot pepper in the middle was HOT.

Bombay Martini but with a lemon peel instead of olives in keeping with the lemony theme of the meal.


More Dungeness crab. I made a dashi miso broth with garlic and ginger, added julienne carrots, green onion, lo mein noodles, crab meat from the body, crab legs, Fresno chile, cilantro and shoyu egg. Smashed cucumber with red chile paste dressing, sesame seeds.


Tonight’s dinner was chicken en papillote served over fettucine.