What's for Dinner #85: The Falling Leaves Edition - September 2022

sorry for your loss as well…

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Thank you. The 3 of us all met in grad school in 1976. He was just 67…incredibly smart and accomplished. My husband’s best friend…


So sad, and what a loss. My sympathies @retrospek.

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tha’s so sad!

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It is so hard when a death is unexpected - not that it is easy at any time. May your friend’s memory be a blessing.


For anyone that may be interested in Fugu. Dinner in Osaka.


Cuisine and Dish of the Quarter winners are here! Come cook, eat or read along!


Installment #3 of Spring Onion’s dinner. He’s gonna start regretting about complaining that I don’t photograph his dinners. :laughing:

Spaghetti and meatballs for him. Veggie chili atop Sfoglini rye trumpets for B, leftover mushroom soup for me and some chili, too. Lots of high-octane Treehouse beer pre-gaming today due to some (fun) unforeseen circumstances with a friend.


So very sorry for your deep loss. So many years of memories, hope they will bring comfort eventually.

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Very sorry for your loss as well.

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Tonight I made Tom Sietsema’s peanut chicken [boneless, skinless thighs] served over brown rice maifun with steamed snow peas (butter, sweet soy, black vinegar, chili crisp) and a green salad with tamarind-lime dressing. Topped the chicken with crispy onions, jalapeño, and chopped cilantro, and tripled the sauce recipe.


I ordered up some “pie weights”. Although my local Ace Hardware doesn’t stock them, the main warehouse does. I should have them (sometime) next week. The counter guy had no idea what they were or what they were used for. After I explained the whole par-baking process, he wanted a slice of my next quiche.
I had printed out their sku/inventory number and he (easily) pulled the “pie weights” up and put in the order.

Thank you, yes… it was really good – now I’m ready to add some bacon or ham to the next one!!


Easy-peasy lemon-squeezy dinner after my 3rd booster tonight.

I had pulled out a foil container of chicken pot pie filling to defrost (chopped or shredded chicken, peas, corn, carrots, halved or quartered mini potatoes, and a well seasoned gravy, all from previous leftovers), and topped it with leftover peas and mashed potatoes from this week’s meat loaf dinner.

Into the convection oven at 350° for 30 minutes, and another 10 minutes at 450°to lightly brown the potato crust.

Sort of a chicken-shepherd’s pot pie. It worked.

Oh yeah. There was wine.


Always a good call.


I am so sorry for your loss, retrospek. Hope the good memories bring you comfort…


Sorry for your loss.

Some people might find the sharing of losses in a dinner thread inappropriate, and that’s their opinion, but I’m glad people do share such elements of their life. We all learn a lot about each other through nightly dinners and I feel it is important to share (within reason) the context by which some meals are enjoyed, or in some cases, just gotten through.

HO is like a family, this thread in particular. I hope people will continue to be comfortable enough to share such moments-- happy and sad.


What do I call this? It would be an early dinner by most people’s standards but given when we usually eat, is it a late lunch? In any event, it was hours ago and I’m hungry again! LOL!

Two excellent Bombay Sapphire martinis (his dirty). He had a salad while I ordered a flatbread with bacon, smoked mozzarella, dried cranberries, and arugula.


Chipolata sausage, Nigel Slater’s preserved tomato sauce on bucatini, mixed sauteed shrooms, and salad. courtesy of El BF. The sausage was from our Frenchy butcher, and is supposedly maybe of French origin/inspiration. Whatever, it was tasty.

now off to work on the Amsterdam post!


ooh i may have to participate, i love Peruvian food!

BLT pasta (NYT recipe), only I used kale instead of arugula, sauteeing it in advance. Quick and easy, and very tasty. A quarter recipe made a light dinner for the two of us.

Grapette tomatoes and kale from the garden.