What's for Dinner #85: The Falling Leaves Edition - September 2022

Last night’s dinner was a Kamayan feast at a new Filipino restaurant. Dinner is spread out on banana leaves and diners dig in with their hands. We had garlic rice, shrimp (which I wish they would have peeled before serving), Korean short ribs, plantains, chicken and vegetarian spring rolls. Gratuitous shot of the bottle of wine I brought to enjoy with dinner :wink: I look forward to going back.


Last night was a creamy chicken stew with potatoes, sweet potatoes and green beans. Not the prettiest but it was exactly what we needed on a chilly Autumn evening.


There is something about banana leaf feasts that I just love. Of course dig in with hands, for the heightened enjoyment, plus utensils will often tear through the leaf.
Sounds like you had a great evening!


It’s funny you mention the perils of using cutlery because that’s exactly the problem I had. The chicken legs had an awful lot of meat on them so I decided to cut off the extraneous meat with a knife and fork then eat the meat around the bones with my hands. But I kept tearing the banana leaves each time I cut so by the time I finished the table looked like a toddler’s high chair :wink: Next time I will skip the cutlery altogether and just use my hands from start to finish.


I think it looks fantastic.

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Every time someone has organized a Kamayan meal, I have missed it, so I’m jealous! What I can see looks delicious!

I’m curious though – there are no serving utensils? So one would eat, and then serve again from the center with the same hand? Or you only serve yourself once?

You might enjoy the article in this thread.

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@gcaggiano So very sorry for your loss. It’s horrid anytime, but somehow worse when it’s someone so young. Strength and best wishes for healing for the friends and family affected.

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So, so sorry for your loss. Heartbreaking.

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Thank you all for the comments. There were so many people closer to this individual than I, but we had a very in-depth “career” conversation just a month or two ago after one of my events. She was so happy and satisfied with where she was in life and her business, it was inspiring. That’s really what got me more than anything.

Just gotta cherish every moment we have, which is easier said than done.


oh how nice of you to say! but no, he spent some time at a Pizza Hut and as a prep dude in a buffet place when he was in his teens, but nothing more than that. He’s just a natural!

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So very sorry to hear this - sending condolences and strength to you and your friend’s family.


what a loss… and yes, we really do need to appreciate each moment we have and the people we love as often as we can.


This is my very first Quiche. I’ll reheat it at halftime for dinner. I made the crust from shortening, flour and ice water. That was the hardest part (for me). It is just a broccoli and onion quiche, as I didn’t want to waste any meat if it flopped. My girlfriend and I just tried a small piece and it was delicious. I will par-bake the crust (a little) next time, but not bad for a first attempt. I can now add a Quiche recipe to my binder. (recipe from “Preppy Kitchen” on youtube)


The meal was definitely delicious and if you ever get the chance to attend a Kamayan meal I would encourage you to attend one. We did in fact get utensils but after the food was spread out on the banana leaves.

As for serving ourselves we were given plastic gloves to scoop up food after the food was spread out.


Continuing my Spring Onion dinner series….TJ’s pork dumplings and a side of ramen in action. Funny enough, I neglected to photograph mine and B’s meals :blush:…leftover roasted feta/tomato/chickpea with rice for B plus his usual giant salad, loosely based with several tweaks CSA mixed mushroom with couscous soup with local Bread Obsession sourdough for me.


So sorry you lost your friend. We recently got news that one of our longtime friends died suddenly from a heart attack. We still can’t believe he’s gone.


Dinner last night - Childhood Chili, from H’s mom. Ground Turkey (she used beef) pinto beans, tomatoes, carrots! Spices, etc. Homemade cornbread. It was a good nostalgic bowl and dinner for an early fall evening.


It’s beautiful! Congrats!


Excellent effort! Looks really good. So many wonderful variations on quiche too.


French onion soup with homemade stirato croutons. Chicken diavolo. Seasoned garden veg in vinegar.