What's for Dinner #85: The Falling Leaves Edition - September 2022


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Arrrgh! Now I want to cook a whole chicken! :grin:

This is called Hamburger Soup, but outside of ground beef, it has nothing to do with a burger. Rather, it’s all about the veg.

Onions, carrots, green beans, peas, broc, and spuds from the garden.


I use Kylie Kwong’s method as an outline - https://www.sbs.com.au/food/recipes/kylie-kwongs-poached-chicken

You can change up the aromatics however you like with it; it’s very forgiving. The chicken always comes out perfectly!


It feels like fall, I’m not ready, although I love it when my hydrangeas turn green. We had showers yesterday and today which were welcome. Dinner was a huge blsl chicken thigh, seared with carrots, onion and garlic, then braised in chicken stock. Added Jacob’s cattle beans and parsley, Caesar salad, wine.


I made (again) a riff on the COTM recipe for Fish Stick Bhorta with hash browns for the crunchy element and salmon cooked separately (en papillote with mustard and green chillies).

Ate with chapatis while I impatiently waited for the rice to cook in the IP (because the rice in the fridge I planned to eat smelled funny).

Very delicious for not much effort (other than waiting).


Lamb kebabs and Serious Eats broccoli salad with pistachio dressing from the recent broccoli thread: https://www.seriouseats.com/broccoli-salad-radicchio-basil-pistachio-recipe

The salad turned out well, but I could see at a glance that the dressing was going to require tweaks. First, there is an error in the recipe - a cup of pistachios weighs 5 oz, not 2 oz (I weighed some tonight to be sure). Also, the acid:fat ratio is way off for my taste - only 3 Tbsp vinegar for 3/4 cup of oil? No thanks. I ended up using 4 Tbsp vinegar and about 6 Tbsp olive oil plus 2 oz pistachios and 20+ basil leaves to dress a pound+ of broccoli and half a head of radicchio. The blanched broccoli was excellent, though - huge upgrade over raw.

Lamb got a brief soak in a marinade made of grated onion and garlic, lemon juice, coriander seed, red pepper flakes, pomegranate molasses, fresh mint, yogurt and olive oil. Tasty!


We enjoyed another outstanding dinner at The Circle Restaurant in Fredon, NJ including short rib ravioli; prosciutto salad; creamy burrata with honeynut squash puree; Heritage pork chop with Mcintosh butter, smoked maitake, and roasted Brussel sprout; halibut with smoked miso broth. It all went great with an excellent Amarone and cabernet.


Guisado de pollo - first time cooking in what, two weeks? and I went for simple and comforting. It rained in SF today (first real rain in MONTHS - like April I think) so it was a good dinner for that.


Hope you like it!

I’ll be sure to report back.

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I was in the mood for eggplant. Sliced Japanese eggplant and garlic . Lazy ranch beans. Was out at my favorite butcher yesterday. Trimmed the boneless ribeye. I sliced lengthwise at first . Rolled and tied , then grilled. Sliced . Cheers.


Savoy cabbage , tomato , carrot , orange bell pepper , mushroom. I’m going with pork broth Maybe a green bell pepper hiding underneath. Couple of darling capers.


No peppers (orange or green), or capers.

Chicken stock and a couple of wood ear mushrooms being drowned down by the napa cabbage.

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What are the orange and red vegetables? Carrots and???

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Had an easy meal last night of fish sandwiches. I made the patty out of tinned fish with breadcrumbs and other flavourings, topped it with homemade chips that I tossed in creole seasoning and a coleslaw.


Lovely meal. Did you mean to post several pics of the same dish, or was there a glitch in the matrix? :wink:


Thank you! The pictures are slightly different. One is more closeup than the other.


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