What's for Dinner #85: The Falling Leaves Edition - September 2022

I am so happy you posted to the link above. I have saved; it sounds delicious and I have sound ground pork in the freezer.

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Your meal looks so good, @Desert-Dan.

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My very old grandfather (and I do mean old, he married late in life), used to eat cornbread like that. My sister and I loved cornbread and we loved buttermilk, but neither of us could ever bring ourselves to treat the cornbread to that particular method of eating.


We, for some reason, just do not care for Little Gem lettuce. There is just something about it that is off-putting to use. We tried to like it, but decided not to buy again after having given two heads a try.


It’s never to late to try something new !


" Cantonese & Shanghainese Fusion Noodles " - using the super-elastic Cantonese Won-Ton Style Egg Noodles.

Made a Shanghainese style Dried Shrimp and Scallion Oil Lo-Mien, augmented the oil with previously saved Dungeness Crab Brains and finish off with ample of Yellowing Chiv

Chewy texture, fragrant and aromatic, flavour profile loaded with depth and umami complexity.


I think it’s a versatile dish with whatever add-ins you want. I was pleased with my as-made dish, although now I want to amp it up.

A very lazy day with just a few errands. I bought more stuff to go in my freezers downstairs. I really need to stop doing that. :astonished:

I also decided to make pork stock in my crockpot from the various chops and pork rib bones in my freezer upstairs (had to make room there, too!) Will be interesting stock as some of the ribs still had a bit of BBQ sauce on them.

Went with roasted asparagus, sauteed speck, and caramelized onion quiche for dinner. Three alliums were used…2 Tbsp of caramelized onions, 1 Tbsp of minced green onion, and chopped chives. The Pillsbury pie crust was blind baked before the egg, buttermilk, speck, onion and Monterey Jack cheese mixture was poured in to the shell and finished in the oven.

Crusty roll with TPSTOB (Kerrygold) alongside, as well as wine during the cooking and eating.


Looks amazing. I know . I have to stop buying stuff to go in the freezer. I have the same problem. Yea , I’m a freezer hoarder . Big deal. I like it .


Did you try different brand/growers? I’ve had two different brands and have enjoyed them both. These were very crisp and flavorsome. But of course we all have different opinons re: taste.

Stir fry of shrimp, asparagus and onions.


A fantastically marbled flat iron steak cooked medium rare, garlic-parsley mashed, thick cut mushrooms with crisped garlic. A wonderful Saturday night dinner.

To drink was a Rusty Nail. I’ve always loved Drambuie but haven’t had it in years. I’m not big on sweet drinks but there’s always an exception to the rule. I had a very successful lecture and event this afternoon (on my day off, so is it a day off???) and wanted to treat myself to a bottle. What a few years will do-- $28 a bottle became $35! :expressionless:


I’m raising a glass tonight for all of the firefighters who fought these fires who have lost their lives to protect us . Going into a burning buildings… Extremely hard work in exhausting heat with these fires up here .
Thank. you firefighters throughout the world.

I was in line with these heroes at my small grocery store today . Brow beaten , stained shirts from sweat . The thousand yard stare .
I turned and said ." Thank you for your service. " A smile came upon his face . Fighting the mill fire .
Grilled rib eye. Trimmed , split and tied
Supporting a friend who makes those fabulous sausage and meat .
Without power for a week at his store . Lost alot of product.
Drove out there today to support his business
Grilled rib eye , potato salad , corn .
No need for food pics tonight. Cheers .


Sausage and sweet pepper pizza with homemade marinara. Green salad.

Tomatoes, basil, peppers, cucumbers and lettuce from the garden.


I’ve been on a Chinese food spree since I shopped in Chinatown before our recent HO group dinner there and just couldn’t again for dinner even though the plan was to use some of the lovely vegetables for a stir fry.

Instead I pivoted to Italian and COTM.

Crispy artichokes and mushrooms over snow pea leaves in a lemon and olive oil dressing.


Pasta with anchovies, garlic, and choy sum / yu choy in place of swiss chard (plus lots of cheese).



Last night’s dinner was Spinach Fettuccine Alfredo with ground turkey meatballs and homemade bread. I modified a “Food Wishes” recipe (youtube) for the spinach pasta. Thanks Chef John!!


Inspired by my recent ’ Farm-to-table ’ dining experience at “Pearl Morissette” and “Frilu”. Harvested organic vine-ripened Cherry Tomatoes, Basil and Peppers from my back garden. Made the following:

  • Mini-salad using the blanched and peeled Cherry tomatoes, fresh Basil leaves, Spanish EVOO, a few drops of 8 years old Modena Balsamic vinegar and few grains of Mauritius rock salt…so simple yet so good!

  • Stuffed Sweet Anaheim banana peppers using home made shrimp paste, fish ( Dace ) paste, minced Chinese mushrooms, Sun dried shrimps, Chinese sausages and chopped Cilantro. Smell amazing and taste darn good as well!

Lastly, keeping a close eye on the 'Winter melon '! Cannot wait to harvest it and make ’ Double Boiled Winter Melon Soup ’ when the weather turns!


I was interested in that recipe so I hit that link. Do you have purchased char sui sauce, or have you made your own?