What's For Dinner #83 - the I Scream, You Scream Edition - July 2022

That beautiful Bloody Maria is practically a health food salad!


I’ll have that, please and thank you.


Yes, it was a little vermouth and a little pickle brine. It needed more gin or less pickle brine. Or maybe no vermouth.

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WOW there are few things I don’t have in my arsenal - Milo powder, pandan leaves, the Thai oyster sauce (mine is Lee Kum Kee i think), and the Thai thin soy sauce/black soy. i have Japanese/Chinese versions of those. what is milo powder? google says a chocolate powdered drink! Pandan i bet I can find.

but it looks so great I’m going to have to either make do with what I have or find those items!

I’ve made the Pok Pok wings before but nothing else of Andy Ricker’s. We LOVED them, even after trying the originals in Portland.

thanks for posting the recipe!

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Note to @gcaggiano - i didn’t get to make your BF’s Japanese curry cutlets this week! soon…

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We enjoyed another excellent dinner at Fiorentini in Rutherford, NJ with some friends that we met on Instagram. We enjoyed Buffalo mozzarella with compressed watermelon, roasted heirloom tomato, pickled shallots, and black garlic; scallops; lobster risotto; handmade parmigiano rose; wagyu steak tartar; squid ink tagliolini uni cacio e pepe; grouper; charcuterie board; pizza rustica; vegan key lime pie, and the most incredible crispy cannoli. We had some excellent red wines not pictured.


We got absolutely obliterated at my job today. The crowds did not stop. I’d rank today the second busiest day in my life of food service.

There were leftover chicken cutlets from last night. Put one on a seeded roll with a nice plump tomato, mayo, salt, and pepper. Done. Chips on the side. An Old Fashioned to drink.

No pics tonight.


Zucchini “cake” - the filling was a mixture of briefly cooked, shredded zucchini, basmati rice, mint, garlic. Served with a tomato salsa made with sautéed red onions, cashews, curry powder, lime zest and juice.


Ready for calamari. Was it light and crispy .Ehhh . Was it a gorgeous night .Yes . Cheers .


I actually just used Lee Kum Kee oyster sauce and I think just Kikkoman soy sauce in place of the Thai soy sauces as well, probably don’t have to get the Thai brands for those. Pandan I got at a local Asian grocery store in the freezer section or refrigerated section (forget which but I remember keeping it in the freezer) and I think some places will have the fresh leaves for sale as well. And yeah Milo is a malted chocolate drink powder. I found a jar in a local Mexican market.

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Last night’s dinner was stuffed baby eggplant, loosely following a Greek recipe. It calls for baby eggplant, which just happened to be what I got in my CSA box. The recipe is called “little shoes”. On the side was a simple pilaf from this month’s COTM, flavored with fresh dill and preserved lemon.


Last nighs dinner, was sugar snap peas in the Instant Pot, Baked Potato in Instant Pot, then to air fryer with sour cream, chicken Kiev cooked in the air fryer, and biscuits baked in the toaster oven. Sugar snaps were delicious!


Lovely. Nice to see you post here as well as on another sandbox. I go by the name of Audrey there.

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I made pan-roasted salmon with tomato vinaigrette, with a Thai spin.

Salmon rub: paprika, turmeric, dried lemongrass, white pepper, cumin, coriander, mushroom seasoning, sugar

Tomato sauce: tomatoes, Makrut lime leaf, shallot, garlic, lime juice, rice wine vinegar, ponzu, sweetener, fish sauce

Garnished with holy basil and served with sweet toasted coconut rice. Ginger cucumber salad on the side. Tomatoes and herbs were from the garden.


Looks beautiful! Please share more about the ginger cucumber salad?

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The simplest - rice wine vinegar, freshly peeled and grated ginger, salt, pepper, vegetable oil. A sprinkle of sesame seeds.


BF at the wok again, trying to rid our fridge of more veg. Ground pork stir-fry of his own design, with garlic/ginger/dark soy/shaoxing wine/oyster sauce/hoisin/bird chilies/Thai basil. quick-pickled carrot & daikon, steamed leftover sprouts and marinated in sesame oil and soy (excellent). also radishes in Thai sweet chili sauce. Jasmine rice. A+++.


so interesting that the recipe calls for chocolate!

and thanks for the explanations. good to know.

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what was up, do you have any idea why it was so busy?

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Sourdough halibut and chips.

Fish was hand battered, but spuds were from frozen (McCain’s).