What's For Dinner #83 - the I Scream, You Scream Edition - July 2022

oh MY! that looks crazy good! what recipe did you follow, loosely or not, please?

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Thanks! It was from a batch from the freezer. I followed the recipe from Pok Pok: Food and Stories from the Streets, Homes, and Roadside Restaurants of Thailand by Andy Ricker and JJ Goode. To paraphrase: make a paste of 1oz cilantro roots, 1oz galangal, 1tb white peppercorn, 1.25 oz garlic, and 0.25c five spice powder. Fry 2 skin on, bone-in pork shanks in oil in a large pot, and set aside, and then fry paste in the pot with oil as well. Then add 5 quarts of water, the pork shanks, 1.25c Thai thin soy sauce. 0.5c Thai black soy sauce, 0.75c Thai oyster sauce, 1/3c Shaoxing wine, 4.5oz palm sugar, 2tb Milo powder, a piece of galangal, 5 or 6 cilantro roots, 6 pandan leaves tied, 1 quartered onion, and a whole unpeeled garlic head. Simmer for 4 hours until pork is starting to fall apart. To serve, make a platter with jasmine rice, hard boiled egg, and pickled mustard greens. Both the (peeled) egg and mustard greens can be simmered in the sauce for awhile. For the dipping sauce (a little different from book) I just mashed up some garlic and Thai chilis in a mortar and added a tsp of sugar and 1/3 cup of white vinegar. The spicy acidic garlicky sauce goes well with the rich pork. Used the recipe for dipping sauce from Hot Thai Kitchen: https://hot-thai-kitchen.com/kao-ka-moo-braised-pork-leg/


Garden tomato and SC peach salad with basil and balsamic and COTC with TPSTOB.

I’m still craving…something. Kind of meat-ed and breaded out, though.


I couldn’t decide on something I wanted to eat. So I finally pulled out of the freezer a boneless pork chop and some Plum Ketchup (eatingwell dot com) from last summer and punted.

Chop seasoned with oil, s/p, and dried thyme and pan-seared. Removed and added some white wine to the sauté pan and a large spoonful of the plum ketchup and simmered a bit until reduced, then poured over the chop in a baking dish and into the convection oven until 140° on the Thermapen.

Toasted some israeli couscous with minced onion and red bell pepper in a combo of butter and olive oil and added some newly made corn stock and simmered away until done. Chop sliced and served on Israeli couscous with more plum ketchup on top.

Steamed green beans topped with leftover crushed dark-cooked potato chips I brought home from our Thursday catered lunch at work alongside.

Wine. And Touchdown. :football: (Yeah, I probably should have gone with a baseball reference with Big Papi going into the Cooperstown HOF today as the first-ever career designated hitter inducted on his first ballot, but a simile for “punted” didn’t come to mind.)


Deliciously smoky spicy jerk chicken from my favorite BBQ place, cucumber salad with sour cream and dill, cherry tomatoes. Veggies from farmers market and super yummy.


Can I come live with you?

DH was in upstate NH with his Porsche track car, and came home sick Friday night. I had been holed up because of the heat and the press of tourists here. He tested positive Saturday morning. We were finally hungry and called the Friendly Fisherman in Eastham to order two scallop rolls to go. We drove over with all of the windows open and masks on to protect me from him.

Damn. Almost $55 before tip, no beverages. But they were so good and we didn’t have to cook or clean the kitchen.


Bonus with the ultra-freshness of the scallops, bonus on not cooking, and bonus on no cleanup. And I hope he recovers quickly!l (and you don’t get it!)

P S. Stay away from Nauset Beach. A toothy chomping machine is in the local waters.


4 slices of Quiche ( ham, spinach, broccoli, and potato-sweet potato), seeded bread, a blueberry tart, a coffee éclair from my favourite French café (Le Conciliabule in Toronto) , a homegrown tomato and homemade coleslaw tonight.


Yeah - just don’t get in the water if there are seals. It’s not even safe for us on the bayside…but the sharks aren’t as dangerous as the traffic on Rte. 6 through Eastham.


I got pickled today. Bloody Maria with a garnish of pickled things.

A pickletini rocks for the cook. I don’t recommend it if you like gin. Actually I don’t recommend vermouth if you like gin. I should have made a gin rocks with a pickle garnish.

Seared hot dog on a toasted French sandwich roll, pickle relish, onion and mustard. Potaro salad with hard boiled egg, cornichons, red onion, red pepper, parsley, mayo, sour cream, mustard dressing.


Mesquite grilled hot wings. Veggie sticks with homemade ranch.


Went out to dinner Fri. night with a friend to a place i’m reviewing with excellent small plates, one of which was English Pea falafel, which were outstanding. I described them to the BF when I got home, and he found a recipe online using dried split peas, which we had. His first time making them and they turned out excellent - super fluffy inside, extra crispy outside. slathered with his delish hummus and tzatziki. I made tabouli from a mix but added a ton of fresh mint/parsley/scallions, and kalamata olives.


i love gin but i love me some vermouth too… pickle-tini - pickle brine and gin - so, a dirty martini essentially?

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gorgeous plate of food! that chicken is so enticing.

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now THAT is a perfect summer meal.

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That beautiful Bloody Maria is practically a health food salad!


I’ll have that, please and thank you.


Yes, it was a little vermouth and a little pickle brine. It needed more gin or less pickle brine. Or maybe no vermouth.

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WOW there are few things I don’t have in my arsenal - Milo powder, pandan leaves, the Thai oyster sauce (mine is Lee Kum Kee i think), and the Thai thin soy sauce/black soy. i have Japanese/Chinese versions of those. what is milo powder? google says a chocolate powdered drink! Pandan i bet I can find.

but it looks so great I’m going to have to either make do with what I have or find those items!

I’ve made the Pok Pok wings before but nothing else of Andy Ricker’s. We LOVED them, even after trying the originals in Portland.

thanks for posting the recipe!

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Note to @gcaggiano - i didn’t get to make your BF’s Japanese curry cutlets this week! soon…

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