What's for Dinner - #81 - the Planting Month - May 2022

Gorgeous clematis!


Fried chicken, tater salad, and Bavarian landbier at one of the oldest places in town. Always good, and one of few places we hit up a several times while in Berlin for the summer.


After a week of indulgent debauchery, a simple Caprese was FD tonight: buffalo burrata (dirt cheap compared to the US), perfectly ripe avocado & decent tomatoes. Simples.


I don’t think I would be happy in a place that doesn’t allow knives on the table. Although I assume that the food is good.

I seriously cannot remember seeing better-looking fried chicken! I would be there more than once in a summer too!


Our neighbors got COVID - second time in less than 4 months. I made them a pasta bake with cheese ravioli, a good jarred vodka sauce, pesto ricotta, garlicky garden spinach, and Parm and mozz on top. Alongside I made some garlic rolls with frozen dough and a Caesar salad of garden Romaine, Parm Regg, and vegetarian Caesar dressing. No pics. I sent plain ravioli in case their kiddo was feeling picky.

We had a late lunch and dessert, so dinner will be catch as catch can.


Beginning of the long weekend in Canada.


You’re the best.


Quick dinner: mixed some Target Good & Organic Honey-Mustard dressing with Mike’s Hot Honey, dried thyme, and some olive oil and poured it over a small b/s chicken breast.

Into the oven at 350° for 40 minutes, basting occasionally. Sliced and served on leftover rice pilaf with some of the sauce on top, with green beans alongside.

Wine. And hoping I can get my errands done tomorrow morning before the heat and humidity kicks in for the entire weekend. Because I don’t do 97+° weather unless I’m inside in AC.


Dinner tonight is my first ever attempt at whole fish - rainbow trout. I followed this recipe for Sautéed Whole Trout With White Wine And Sage - https://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/sauteed-whole-trout-with-sage-and-white-wine and it came out excellent! Got the trout from Wulf’s Fish, here in the Boston area.

Not included in the pic are the steamed red potatoes and roasted green beans we had with the fish. Also great!


Where do you get the idea that knives aren’t allowed? They’re not needed for this.

last night’s French Dips-ish, by the BF, with his potato salad and a green salad - too much, i didn’t touch the tater salad as I knew it would keep. And tonight he made kimchi pork rice bowls - my kimchi (we’re really going through this last batch quickly, since we got the wok) and more of that thinly sliced pork shoulder (meant for shabu shabu). spinach wilted with the pork too, and various other Japanese/Korean pickled items, crispy egg for me, not-crispy for him.


I almost got chinese takeout from the place around the corner because I was down for the count after my booster.

BUT… I had bought groceries I was excited about… so I rallied to cook.

Seared sesame-crusted tuna, pureed cauliflower, and wasabi butter peas. Immensely satisfying, with leftovers. Cauliflower was the star (but that might be because I have been craving it).


Last night I cooked as well, again mostly out of ingredient guilt. But I’m happy to eat my cooking, so it worked out :slight_smile:

Turkish stewed green beans, Bengali mustard salmon (I KNOW! But I changed it up a bit, making the coconut milk sauce version instead of the instant one), and the last bit of quinoa-rice to sop up the sauce. I do love those green beans, but the combination was a bit odd.



nice boid!


Lovely spring day, I do believe there will be more before summer arrives. Pizza for dinner. Stonefire thin crust smeared with roasted garlic and garlic alfredo sauce, chopped blsl chicken thighs and shallots roasted in garlic oil, asparagus, baby bells, a dusting of parm and chiffonade of basil. Mixed greens salad, tomato, cucumber, red onion, oo balsamic dressing. Wine


Wagyu beef on the grill. Sauteed mushrooms with some garden spinach. Leftover smashed potatoes were optional. A little brandied dried fruit for dessert.


Pork rillettes from freezer with baguette, coarse grain mustard, and cornichons.


“Homemade pizza bread and left over stir fry. See the full story here.


Have been craving good grilled chicken, so dinner tonight is a spatchcocked, dry brined pasture raised bird, seasoned with TJ Ajika seasoning, grilled on our little propane Weber Q220 :yum:. Good white corn on the cob & a salad of chopped cauliflower, yellow zuke, red onion, garlic, Italian parsley & tomato dressed with olive oil & lemon juice. Altogether a very satisfying meal :heart:


@ChristinaM - you are the bomb. Know that.

A thoughtful meal, offered with hope and choices is way more powerful than you know.

Thank you and, carry on!