What's For Dinner #80 - the Silly Bunny with Eggs Edition - April 2022

We made camarones al ajillo with smoky pepper blend and plenty of Aleppo chili, sauteed CSA spinach (I’ve never had such delicious, flavorful spinach!), and CSA mixed greens with blue cheese and crispy shallots. Those would have been better with vinaigrette.


Oh, dear.


The two of us have been eating spaghetti and meatballs for 3 nights in a row, now. I buy Rao’s marinara and Rao’s spaghetti and Mama Mancini’s meatballs. Always topped with freshly grated parm. Your meal looks lovely…


sounds wonderful. Was the wine from Wegmans?

Afghan aushak: scallion dumplings with meat sauce and yogurt.

I used both leeks and scallions from the garden, wrapping the mixture in store-bought won ton wrappers. Ground lamb, garden tomatoes, and spices for the sauce. I followed a Food52 recipe, which calls for cooking the onions with some red pepper flakes. I noted, however, that Craig Claiborne’s version calls for stuffing the dumplings with a raw mixture.

First time making this dish, we loved it exactly as written. Will make it again, and probably soon – there is ½ package of wonton wrappers left, and at the moment we are long on leeks and scallions.


We enjoyed another outstanding dinner at Fiorentini in Rutherford, NJ, including excellent seared octopus with shaved sugar snap peas and Calabrian soppressata; Chilean sea bass with ramps pesto sauce; ribeye steak; excellent sweet pea fagottini with crab and tarragon; hand made pappardelle with porcini mushroom ragout. It all went great with an excellent Shiraz and cabernet.


An aperitif, a Negroni. I always forget how much I like Negronis until I make one.

Mise en place

Shrimp stir fry. Onion, garlic, carrots, baby bell, snap peas, bok choy, mushrooms. dried red chiles, hoisin, black bean sauce, sesame seeds. Pickled daikon, radish kimchi and blistered shishitos.


Can’t remember who inspired this (@BeefeaterRocks maybe?) but I made the Isabel Eats sopa de albondigas tonight. Stayed pretty true to the recipe, with a few extra touches. Turned out very good. The meatballs were super tender, i’m sure because of the addition of cooked rice, not unlike breadcrumbs or a panade in other types of meatballs.


with you on the Negronis! I’d have one tonight if i hadn’t already had two glasses of wine earlier, and it’s a school night…

sigh… who the hell have i turned into?? :stuck_out_tongue:


i forgot to post last night’s dinner! At my sister’s, we had an aperitivo of Spanish chorizo and anchovy-stuffed olives, with some cheapo CA bubbly, and for dinner I made lamb chops that had marinated all day in olive oil, garlic, lemon/lemon zest, anchovy paste, a touch of smoked paprika and red chili flakes. My sister made America’s Test Kitchen’s “lightened up” version of Robuchon’s oh-so-buttery mashed potatoes - 20 tbs! so freaking good. not at all greasy, just light and silky. I overcooked the chops but the flavor was still good. asparagus with truffle butter and EBTB seasoning. i may have gilded the lily and added a sliver of truffle butter to my taters, too…

Aperitivo - chorizo & anchovy-stuffed olives

Rubuchon mashed potatoes, lamb chop


those look luscious!

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They were! Between the two of us, there wasn’t a scrap left. :yum:

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Yes 'twas I who mentioned Isabel Eats. The meatballs are wonderful.


Last night’s lamb feast.



I just want to dive headfirst into that bowl of grilled lamb!


C’mon by - there’s plenty of leftovers :wink:


Oh my, this kind of thing is right in my sweet spot.

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Looks so delicious!

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Goodness, what a spread! :drooling_face: