What's For Dinner #79 - the Carly Simon "An-ti-ci-pay-yay-shun" Edition - March 2022

Tonight I made English/Irish breakfast with Irish bangers from Trader Joe’s:


Nice! Did you trim your own hanger steak? I have 4 lbs (2 2lb steaks) in the freezer and am a bit intimidated.

Love me a good poached egg! Those are beauties. Mine usually end up kind of ugly but tasty. We should probably start a discussion “Today I put an egg on top of …”


I’ll call this Asparagus Gratin even though there’s no butter and cream. More like just an excuse to consume copious amounts of bread crumbs, Pecorino, and garlic. A side dish to a rotisserie chicken (thank you Costco :pray:).

And because I didn’t have to do much work, I assembled some compound butters to keep on hand: a repeat of my Cajun Butter from the other night (brown sugar, garlic powder, cracked pepper, paprika, chili powder, and cayenne pepper) which was amazing. I used it in mashed sweet potatoes tonight. And then we have a simple “Everything” Butter, which literally just has everything bagel seasoning in it. How about a dollop of that on a steak?

We devoured ample amounts of both with a multigrain baguette whilst enjoying our pre-dinner cocktails.

To drink: How about a Pickle-tini? Surprisingly pleasant! Next time will use Dolin Blanc instead of dry vermouth which will better complement the slight sweetness of the cornichons and brine. Give it a try! One of my more successful experiments.


i love all of this!

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Thanks! I didn’t trim it myself, just got it from the butcher, it was about 8oz. Chef John has a video that shows how to trim a whole hanger steak that may be helpful.


I’ve had a pickle-tini. There’s an Italian lady on IG that puts pickles in her martinis so I thought I would give it a try. I liked it. I had forgotten about it, thanks for the reminder.

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No photo unfortunately, but yesterday’s dinner was a bit of an ode to spring. At least on the veg front. We had a grilled and marinated eggplant and mint salad. Brussel sprouts with maple and bacon. And burgers.


I’m thinking that’s the one I watched that intimidated me!

Not so much the video, but the idea that I have 4 pounds for one or two people. I’m going to have to figure out what to do with 4 pounds, frozen.

I would like/need to figure out how to defrost it just enough to cut and trim portions and then refreeze.


It’s been a week. Work-wise and even more so, worldwide. I decided last night I needed something that was familiar, and in a sense, comforting.

So I went with a “usual” Friday night meal: steak tips, baked tater with TPSTOB and sour cream, and steamed green beans.

There was copious amounts of wine.


Chile relleno with beans and rice


Looks fantastic!

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Last night I made Irish breakfast. Tonight we had leftoverpalooza with garlic kale.


Roasted pork tenderloin that had been marinated in teriyaki and gochujang. Stir fried veg, snap peas, baby bells, mushrooms, onions and garlic. Pickled daikon. I made Heath bar blondies today, they will be dessert, probably with a scoop of Tillamook caramel toffee crunch ice cream.


Work has made it impossible to do much cooking been living on mediocre take out, time for a home cooked meal.

Shrimp scampi!! ((look ma!! No meat on Friday in lent!! I’m a good boy now!!))


Linguine with crab meat, spinach, arugula, lemon zest and juice, olive oil, sauteed garlic and chili for some heat


Pizza with potato, shiitakes, pancetta, garlic, and a mini sweet pepper. Creme fraiche thinned with water is the drizzle.

Potato pizza, you say? This is a riff on the potato pizza from Smitten Kitchen, which is turn is a riff on Jim Lahey’s potato pizza. Works fine with store-bought dough if that’s what you happen to have and I did.


SIgara Boregi - Filo dough filled with a mixture of parsley, feta, and mozzarella. There are probably as many variations of these savory Turkish pastries (as well as for the spelling of filo) as there are cooks. I used the recipe from Ozlem’s Turkish Table (an always reliable source)and added fresh dill because I like it. Roasted plum tomatoes on the side.


If you have leftovers, I’ll be right over to clean them up for you. :wink: Gorgeous meal.


No more tomatoes but I do have sigaras left. You are more than welcome to come over. Actually, I think I’ll be somewhat in your area Easter weekend if you’d like me to bring some!