What's for Dinner #76 - the HO "Ho, Ho, Ho" Edition - December 2021

So the turkey’s done.
Or at least the rest of it’s tucked into the freezer for later use.

Some local radio stations have turned to “all holiday music, all the time.” :astonished:

Holiday lights are going up on houses.
Actually, some holiday lights were up right after Halloween near me.
(That’s called jumping the gun WAY too soon!)
Although I do enjoy seeing who goes all out in lighting up their neighborhoods, even though I don’t decorate anymore.

Some of us are in the midst of the beginning of the Christmas and Hanukkah rush, this year dealing with supply chain issues. Have you been Amazoning all year, or are you Small Business shopping to give local stores your business? Are you starting to plan dinners and parties for those family members you haven’t seen in quite some time?

Wrapping paper, ribbons, trees, decorations. Thinking of those we’ve lost, those less fortunate than ourselves and donating to causes dear to you.

It’s a time of remembrance, of hopeful joy for the future, of kids’ eyes lighting up to see what Santa has brought them on Christmas Day, of safely gathering with friends and families and enjoying hugs all around.

What are your plans for the end of this year? And what are you planning to put on your tables this year during this month-long holiday?


I live in a small town where vaccination rates are high but Covid cases have been steadily increasing for the past month. Lots of town wide events are planned which have me concerned. We’re skipping them this year. No parties for us, either.
When I get bored, I create guest lists and menus for the parties I will host once we’re out of this mess.
But, there will be Christmas. The next generations will be here for presents and dinner. Dinner is always roasted beef of some sort. Prime strip roast is probably my favorite but I’ve served prime ribs and tenderloins more often because they’re easier to find. Bearnaise sauce and a chocolate cake. This year someone is making a Buche de Noel. Veggies will be roasted brussel sprouts and potato. For years I made lyonnaise potatoes but that makes for a ridiculously rich meal.
Presents are split between local and on line. Unfortunately I’ve noticed some local shops have lousy hours and close early and/or Sundays. That’s ok because my pennies will go to that hunk of beef which I know will put a dent in my wallet this year.
Thanks to all HOers for inspiration, good humor and just being plain nice.


Dinner a couple of nights ago.

Clockwise: Salmon and Mackerel, Yam Leaves, Broccoli


It’s been a long week already. Year-end gotta dos have been gearing up. That’s always fun. :flushed:

So tonight had to be simple: a container of meat sauce was pulled from the downstairs freezer and defrosted on the flame tamer. Sketti was made, grated Parm-Reg was heavily sprinkled, and dinner.

I’ve attempted to plan dinner for the next several nights. We’ll see how that planning works out.


Had my first live audition in two years this afternoon and got home late, so needed a strong drink and a simple meal! Inspired by the recent Manhattan thread, I made Manhattans with Redemption High Rye Bourbon and Martini red vermouth and enjoyed the first one while I threw a flank steak on the griddle and reheated the last of the Tday vegetable sides. Currently enjoying the second Manhattan and considering a third for dessert!


What are you auditioning for, if you don’t mind saying? I used to be in theater, like 20 years ago, or more, and I miss it…

I’m an opera singer, or at least I was before covid killed the industry! Things are finally picking back up but it is slow going, and omicron has everyone worried we’re in for more cancellations. I’m fortunate to have a side career outside of music that was unaffected, but many musicians depend on teaching to supplement their performing income and that also took a major hit. Crazy times we’re living in!


Wow, impressive. I’ve known two opera singers and know the dedication it takes. Hopefully things will get back to normal soon for you, for all of us.


On a bridge not far from my home, the holidays lights is there all year round. I suspect the city did some calculation and concluded that the price of paying LED lights + electricity is less expensive than asking guys to come to install and uninstall each year. :laughing:


I made “sorta” Donburi by cooking sushi rice in leftover ramen broth and reheating the turkey and chicken in homemade teriyaki sauce. Plated up with CSA lettuces, sauteed radish greens, lightly pickled radishes, jammy marinated eggs, Sriracha mayo dressing, and some homemade kimchi.


Orange meal!
Pasta with cod liver, with grated mullet bottarga, trout carviar, feta and red Kampot pepper. Grate carrot with ginger, seasame oil, fish sauce and black vinegar.


This started out as a roasted squash soup with tahini and miso but I had some leftover sauce from a TD sweet potato dish that I threw in for good measure. It had a similar vibe - miso, ginger, rice wine vinegar, and sesame oil. I added a swirl of pomegranate molasses for some extra zip.

Served with baked hummus with roasted tomatoes, cinnamon and tarragon. I stole the hummus preparation from one of our favorite restaurants.


Had some business in Atlantic City so I went down last night and stayed at Oceans Casino/Resort. This was not my first time staying on the property but it is my first fine dining experience. My son took the ride and initially I planned dinner at my favorite The Knife and Fork but time restraints changed that so we stayed in the property and went to America Cut the signature steakhouse of Ocean resort.

Split a wedge salad
Also split the tomahawk rib eye
Mashed potatoes
Stoli Martini to wash it down

Fun night caped off with a winning night at the tables!


Wow, yum!!!

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oh MY… i’d KILL for that pasta dish!

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Yeah, the smoked fish liver was good.

A self reminder to buy this again!!


I’ll look for it when we’re in Paris in January.


Or you can find it from bienmanger.com, I think it was where we bought it.

oh wow! i wonder if it’s like ankimo - monkfish liver… never seen that before.

Never tried ankimo, from the photo, looks more meaty to me. Foie de morue is more tofu like in texture (slightly more firm), very delicate.

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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
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