What's For Dinner #75 - the " Thanks and Giving Season" Edition - November 2021

THANKS for the loved ones still with us, thanks for the warmth of friends and family in our homes, thanks for tables laden with the riches of a feast, thanks for smiles you can see and laughter you can hear…or at least crinkled eyes above masks so you know they are smiling…

GIVING care, understanding, and a shoulder to lean on to those who have lost a loved one, giving help to those who have no home, giving assistance to food pantries for those whose tables are lacking, giving hugs to those whose eyes are sad and crying…

It’s been yet another long, sometimes trying, year + + +. But I’m still hoping that the light at the end of this tunnel is not another train headed our way, but candles lighting the way to better times for all of us. Candles on a table filled with good food and drink, around which we can all gather in celebration of all we’ve been doing to make things better.

What feasts are you planning this month, and how many smiles will you offer to others, how much laughter will be had, how many hugs will you give?


Basque Ecological Black Angus … Monday, All Saints Day.



Beautifully cooked steak and excellent wine pairing!

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Thank you very much.

Absolutely divine ectasy !

Have a healthy and wonderful November ahead.

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Linda- Thanks for such beautiful words to begin November. I don’t often post and I know I should because I enjoy reading what the regulars are cooking and eating.
Tonight’s dinner will be frozen Trader Joe’s enchiladas. No photos necessary.


@LindaWhit Thanks for starting the new WFD. November already…so fast…

Dinner tonight, all saints day and lazy to cook. Tripoux, specialty from Auvergne. It’s meat rolls with lamb, veal paunch and pork cooked in wine onion. Prepared and just heated up. Cucumber and potatoes.


First night of November brings us a Monday Night Football match up of my NY Giants!!! This is an away game so no tickets but we can still “tailgate “.

Veal chop parmigiana!!! Side of linguine and garlic bread!! Time for a quick coma before the game!!!

Gooooooooooo GIANTS!!!


I made Impossible Burgers on buttered toasted brioche buns, lima and green beans, and kale and collard salad with toasted pecans and lemony dressing. Candy…and a cookie… for dessert.


What kind of looks like a pizza is actually a frittata.

Leftover purple potato chunks, sautéed Brussels sprout tops, and slices of Debrecener sausage from the other evening made an easy filling. Sprinkled in grated cheddar to add to the fall vibe.


I love pizzata. Count me in.


I’m literally eating this as I post. This is what happens when you work until about 7pm and your cats crying in fury that you haven’t fed them yet finally tears you away to make dinner.

Pasta with sardines, capers, lemon and spicy toasted bread crumbs, which is one of those quick dinner fixes. Maybe a little salad on the side after if I get motivated to eat some greens too.

EDIT: Eh, terrible photo. Didn’t there used to be an option to resize your photos so they’re not too giant?


This entirely yellow/orange/brown meal would have been apropos yesterday, on Halloween. Nevertheless, it is a hubbard (garden) squash and chipotle soup, some plaintains, and some beef/chorizo empanadas thanks for the inspiration @paryzer ! Yes, it desperately needs some green. I promise to serve the fam a salad tomorrow!!


The empanada looks great and the soup sounds delicious! I’m glad it worked out.
Greens are overrated :grinning:


I love green stuff, but I was just feeling lazy after doing the other components.


The usual “It’s- Monday-so-its Salmon”, but this time with “beet root”. I’ve been watching a lot of UK stuff, most recently “Great British Menu”.


l think it’s important to incorporate a panoply of colors in one’s diet over time. So tomorrow may be your green day!

A lovely light rain today → a plate of grilled padrone peppers (GREENS!), followed by onion soup.
Screen Shot 2021-11-01 at 5.16.57 PM


Couldn’t agree more. Tomorrow is already decided - chicken caesar salad.


Didn’t cook as much as I wanted last month because of so much going on, so wanted to kick off November with a bang! Greek it was.

This Moussaka was amazing! I’m very critical of my own cooking, but I loved every bite of this. The bechamel was fluffy and luxurious. There was just the right amount of cinnamon in the filling and nutmeg in the topping. The ground beef, eggplant, and potato made this a hearty fall meal. Whenever I get recipes from blogs, they are either hit or miss, but this one from My Greek Dish is spot on. Only made two modifications: using a longer baking dish than called for and a little more salt in the meat sauce. I also baked the eggplant instead of frying which they listed as a healthier alternative that would not sacrifice flavor.

Recipe: https://www.mygreekdish.com/recipe/mousakas/

And look, a rare wine sighting in my kitchen! Someone call the Discovery Channel!


A simple egg fried rice (again) for the meatless Monday.


Horribly plated but tasty - stir fried chicken with red pepper, scallion, cashew