What's For Dinner #74 - The Long "Fall Into Darkness, Warmth & Comfort" Edition - October 2021

Looks delicious! (And I love that kiddo had a diluted version too!)

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My day was busy, but pretty good. A Prime cut NY Strip was purchased yesterday from my local butcher for my special dinner. Twasn’t cheap…BUT I had two $10 coupons, so it only cost me $1.84. Can’t beat that with a stick. :grin: Seasoned just with s/p and olive oil and grilled on the grill pan and finished in the oven to about 135°.

Mushrooms were sauteed in butter, seasoned with s/p and dried thyme, and a hefty sploosh of red wine I got as a gift today was added and reduced.

Potatoes were par-steamed and then roasted in the convection oven for about 15 minutes with oil, s/p, dried thyme and paprika and then moved to the regular oven to finish.

Brussels sprouts were halved and tossed with olive oil and s/p and roasted in the convection oven.

Red wine was the libation…was a nice pairing.


I’ve seen recipes for gulab jamun cake - they usually use milk powder or mawa. Good idea on the syrup - ditto for rasgulla can syrup too. (Though I don’t keep either on hand because: I’ll eat them.)

(I actually tried my hand at a rasmalai cake several years ago too - my mom reminded me haha.)

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I want to dive directly into the screen. Scrumptious!

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Your dollar eighty four steak looks perfect

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I finally made a dish I have been craving for months - kheema!

In its perfect comfort food form - with macaroni. Let’s call it Indian Bolognese - no offense intended to the real stuff! This is childhood comfort food, and I absolutely LOVE it!

(This tastes best if the pasta is the opposite of al dente - somewhat overcooked :rofl:)


That works! Thanks for this!


great birthday dinner!

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I don’t have much free time in October but I had time tonight to take mom to my favorite bar and catch up. A couple of excellent Jack Daniel’s Old Fashioneds for me and mom had a Rob Roy. We shared an order of fried zucchini for an appetizer. For meals, she had pepperjack sliders and I had chicken tacos.


Pork pie with Branston pickle and a bit of mustard.

And a salad of spring mix, tomato, and cucumber.


Assam laksa, which I’ve had in the freezer since it was a Chowhound dish-o’-the-month a while back. Still good! I could not get it together to make anything that demanded more of me than cutting up some vegetables and heating frozen soup. Certainly could be worse, and I used up some of the torch ginger that’s been camping out in my fridge for months.



Early dinner. Chicken enchilada, rice, and lettuce, tomato, onion salad with v&o dressing.


Thursday … Vongole … Always a pleasure …


that is a beautiful pastry!

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going away for the weekend again - more bdays - this time to Arnold, CA (not as good as Stinson, but it’ll still be a fun time with friends.) Menu is kind of up in the air - hostess is providing sausages and some Costco marinated chicken to grill, so i volunteered to bring bread/cheese/charcuterie, etc. But i couldn’t help myself and made another tortilla de patata, again with Spanish meats and a little manchego, since the last one turned out so well. And one of our crew can’t eat meat so i made a cauliflower one for her (well, for all of us), which is more like a frittata as it has cream in it, along with cheese. They turned out nice and chubby! :slightly_smiling_face:

although i had a mishap with the cauli one, tried to flip it too early. :roll_eyes:

I bought a cake for the bday girls - a matcha mousse/valrhona yuzu namelaka/sesame dentelle/matcha latte rice sponge cake - from Craftman & Wolves. i haven’t looked all that stuff up yet but i love matcha and it was very pretty. pics later when it is unveiled.

the usual bubbles/vino/cocktails, and i hear we’re stopping in at some fancy-schmancy distillery, at some point…

happy weekend, folks!


That looks absolutely perfect!

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@ChristinaM & @LindaWhit - Cripes! :astonished: Any leftovers? :pleading_face:


Oh what fun, I hope you have a designated driver for the distillery.

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Arnold? Didn’t Arnold almost burn down a few years ago? Gorgeous area as I recall.

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