What's For Dinner #72 - Wait, Summer Is Almost Over? Edition - August 2021

Thank you. We are big leftover fans. Sometimes we’ll re-eat the exact meal but often I’ll make something with planned leftovers in mind.

I’d love to cook with you!


Thank you!!

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A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do to survive this cruel world.


thanks for your response. my husband did his residency with a woman of the same name

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just just about like a perfect day! enjoy your long weekend!

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Well, hot dog bun week continued - turns out I’m craving hot dogs pretty hard, and I just wanted… hot dogs!

Sides - leftover faux-solakia (broccoli slaw cooked in the style of Greek/Turkish stewed green beans) and fennel salad (to stop myself from eating a THIRD hot dog).




BF made carbonara tonight - once again thwarting my plans to make that corn and pasta dish i’ve been dying to make. But i couldn’t complain, and it was DELICIOUS. alongside was a great salad with some of the leftover beets that i roasted today and the creamy sheep/goat’s milk marinated cheese i love so much. AND garlic toast.

leaving tomorrow for a long weekend - big ugly birthday for me, and a friend’s not-as-ugly bday too - with a bunch of dear friends - some i haven’t seen in at least 2 years! - to Stinson Beach. Food and booze have been worked out, and that’s pretty much all we need. Mostly a Spanish theme, as we all love it. Can’t wait.


Have a fabulous birthday weekend!!!


Dinner ordinaire, grilled blsl chicken thighs, cotc with tpstob and a cuke, tomato, onion salad with balsamic v&oo dressing, basil chiffonade. Cuke courtesy of Gwyndolin.

Meet Gwyndolin.

Stop the presses and sound the trumpets, I have made the perfect pie crust. Et voila a plum galette was born. Thank you NYT Cooking and Milissa Clark.


How is the Stoli Elit? Worth it? I was going to buy a bottle with my first paycheck from the new job but passed because it was rather pricey.

thank you!

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Gwyndolin is so perky!

that DOES look like the perfect crust! lovely!


It’s certainly smoother than regular Stoli but as you know I like a little bite. So Elit doesn’t have that so from that aspect many prefer it, worth the price? Probably not. lol

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Dinner out tonight at a pub and pizzeria called Strawberry’s. You can read my full review on the NJ board.

We shared truffle fries and Buffalo calamari. The pizza was featured on Barrstool Sports, and mom had one with half eggplant and half mushroom. BF had a cheesesteak and I had penne with vodka sauce, grilled chicken, eggplant, prosciutto, and fresh mozzarella. My review might be worth a read!


Emma the Cat weighs eight pounds. She has easily doubled our waste stream, mostly due to kitty litter. I’m just glad Emma tolerates me enough not to throw up in my shoes which I’ll take as a success.

We get the red bag of “World’s Best Cat Litter” from Amazon. Not the cheapest but our Amazon driver leaves it right by the garage door. We love our Amazon driver.


I could use a good cheesesteak. Provolone please, no Cheese Whiz.

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Hotel Único a couple of other dishes that I had not yet posted on Thursday.


Have a GREAT Birthday! :birthday: :wine_glass:


Do you make your own bacon?

Nope, that was a pre-packaged apple wood bacon pork loin, I didn’t do much more than remove it from packing and place on grill.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2