What's for Dinner #70 - The "Kickoff to the Summertime BBQ" Edition - June 2021


I made our kiddo tuna casserole with creamy, cheesy sauce, peas, and buttered breadcrumbs. DH and I had a vaguely disappointing and expensive meal out after soccer. A slice of hummingbird cake for all.


I’ve been working off the Covid-19 lbs and for some strange reason tuna noodle casserole is one of the things I’m craving!


I’m not religious but I pray to two people: the guy that invented air conditioning and the lady who invented the dishwasher.


Dinner at home: Steamed Atlantic cod Chinese style, Basmati rice & cabbage slaw with julienne sugar peas, sprouted nut, the new French Fried Jalapeno slices from TJ & toasted sesame dressing. Hubs pronounced it very yummy! :yum:


Chana Masala

I got Desi Chana (“black chickpeas”) in my Rancho Gordo Bean Club box and remembered a great looking recipe from @MyAnnoyingOpinions’ blog. I wanted to compare his recipe to Rancho Gordo’s. Guess what? RG credits MyAnnoyingOpinions with their recipe! He may have annoying opinions but he writes a delicious recipe. :heart:

They’re a hard legume that takes a while to soften - this batch was good but a tad crunchy and needed more time & liquid.

Next night…

Yes! There’s that rich, RG bean broth. :heart: Rice is Brown Basmati.

Tandoori Spiced Skin-on, Bone-in Chicken Thighs

Not to be mistaken for Tandoori Chicken. Not trying to open that can of worms again. :wink: These are coated with a Tandoori Masala I made and baked in my convection toaster oven. More on this on the Thigh Thread. They were delicious.

Happy Eating!


Tuna noodle casserole is rising on our meal plan. Good for grownups also!

I’m quite a fan of Mr. Otis and of famile Danfoss.


For my LAST dinner here - yes… I go HOME tomorrow!!!

So, for my LAST dinner here - for a while anyway - I skipped the offer of takeout again, and we had easy home favorites.

Kids had idlis and cheese dosas from batter made but not used last week. Sambar, chutney.

Frozen base for my mom’s fish curry became easy fish curry for two and vegetable curry for one. Refreshed baguette and rice to go with.

Everyone had roasted cauliflower.

No pics because I was lazy about it, and we were all hungry.

Younger kid and I also made banana bread as a last hurrah, and he snuck in a request for half a recipe of chocolate chip cookies that he reinvented as mint chocolate chip cookies to be half-dipped in more melted mint chips tomorrow. He actually made the banana bread mostly by himself, which was gratifying to watch. He’s asked for recipes, and I offered to assist via FaceTime when he makes it next.

Groceries ordered for my return… weird to think of only myself after so long…


Good gawd. What a saga for you. I feel like I’ve been right there with you. Thanks for bringing us along.


Safe trip home tomorrow, and enjoy the quiet and being able to lounge wherever you want. :wink:

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Must investigate the FF jalapeño slices!

Fish looks great…


Happy travels to you @Saregama. Truly there’s no place like home. I’m excited that you get to return to yours at long last!

No doubt your family’s gonna miss you and your beautiful meals.

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That sounds really good!

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@ChristinaM & its really pretty quick & easy! Most time consuming is slicing up the ginger & green onion… Actual cooking is only 5-7 min depending on thickness of fish!

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I don’t know whether to say congrats or not, because while it seems that your trip was much longer than anticipated, you also appear to have had an - on balance - wonderful extended visit with your family. So how about just - I’m very happy that you get to snuggle up in your very own place again soon and I hope the last year has provided you a lifetime of memories and a strengthening of your familial bonds.


That’s eloquent, Sasha


@Saregama - yes, safe travels! But please remind this feeble-minded person again where your home is?


I made shrimp tacos with a side of mango. Dusted the shrimp with ground New Mexico chili powder, a little cumin, paprika, s&p and some Badia Adobo. Seared quickly with minced garlic in a hot pan and tossed with butter and chipotle en adobo sauce. Topped with Mexican crema, sliced radishes, and Napa slaw dressed with lime juice, mayo, sour cream, cilantro, agave, and jalapeño. Green Dragon hot sauce kicked it up a notch.


Thursday night when the heat wave finally broke so I could make a proper dinner without overheating the house. Whew.


Salmon baked in gochujang and a splash of soy. CSA vegetable that I think is called water spinach, sautéed in peppery olive oil and garlic. So satisfying.

Might have been a glass of wine too, but I’m not telling. :wink:


Summers over here mean lots of dinner salads. This one is a cross between cobb and blt. So, lettuce and arugula (cleaned out the garden after it bolted), bacon, tomato (brown kumatos are the only grocery tomatoes I can stomach), egg, cukes, radish, blue cheese. Not shown but added later were croutons and a balsamic vinaigrette. I am very pleased to not be the parent of veg-haters. Mine love their veg.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold