What's for Dinner #70 - The "Kickoff to the Summertime BBQ" Edition - June 2021

No, it’s not visibly marbled the way ribeye or other cut would be. There’s a fat cap over one side.

But it’s still very rich and luscious - I knew it wasn’t regular picanha when I ate it even though I didn’t know it was wagyu until later.

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So you trimmed the fat from the chops, rendered that, and used that for searing? Or something else?

Regardless, porc confit a la Christina.

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Thank you very much Denise.

Have a lovely evening.

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Yep, exactly

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I made white bean and kale soup with bacon and Italian mini meatballs. Good way to use up lots of CSA produce.


Hot as Eff outside today. It was 82° when I left for work this morning. And one of the AC units on the roof for our office seems to have decided to crap out. Let’s just say 81° in the office all day is NOT fun.

So a cold salad for dinner: red leaf lettuce, grated carrots, sliced English cuke, radishes, and some red bell pepper, Cherub tomatoes, hard-boiled egg, bacon, and goat cheese. The dressing and croutons went on after the pic was taken.

Thank you, Mr. Carrier. You are a prince among men.


Hot as eff (fire?) here too, and I had a very substantial lunch. At 5pm I watched a live Zoom presentation on shucking oysters, something I could be better at. My apartment is being painted, so the place looks like a war zone. I set up my computer on the kitchen counter (the only room that’s “done”), brought home 3 varieties of oyster from AquaBest, and shucked along with Paddy from PEI. Did I mention the water’s off in my building today? Good times! Anyway, the oysters were good, except for one. And I did get better at shucking.


We had Thai takeout tonight.

I tried the Kao Soi got a change - very flavorful, but sweeter than I expected. Also Larb Gai, which was good.

Others had Pad see euw, stir fried vegetables, summer rolls (or fresh spring rolls as they are called here), and yellow curry.


Earlier I finally made the whitefish salad that I was craving months ago and ordered a chunk of smoked whitefish for. Never made it before and only tasted it once, but yummy! I had it with toasted baguette for lunch, and then again with rice crackers for a snack.



I’m 2 for 2 days in a row of cooking. The daughter and fiancé are hitting the gym getting into wedding shape so they requested a “healthy” meal. Perfectly blackened Mahi Mahi pan fried served over a homemade dressed salad. Dressing is a spicy sriracha Cesar with the fish topped with crunchy fried onions (French’y)
(fiancé doesn’t like salad his served with string beans)



Scallops with salad and rice. Cheers.


A good reason for cooking (baking in my opinion) bacon in bulk and keeping it in the fridge.


I mixed up two different recipes when I was planning dinner and ended up without enough of the ingredients for either one. Rather than running out to the store I did a mash up of the two and ended up with something pretty good. Chicken tenders with leeks, shiitake mushrooms, and hot peppers. I added some white wine, lemon, and butter which augmented and brightened up the sauce.


Looks perfect

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That last part of your comment would NEVER happen. Just sayin’. I mean, c’mon - it’s BACON!!! :bacon: :bacon: :bacon:


Bacon is a vegetable. It’s good for you. ™

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Thank you.




Yum, what’s in it?

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold