What's for Dinner #70 - The "Kickoff to the Summertime BBQ" Edition - June 2021

The portion I made is quite dainty, for just that reason. In New Jersey, where I grew up, we have disco fries, which are pretty much the same thing. Stave off (or cure) the hangover food.

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Wr ate different things tonight.

Kids wanted smashed (impossible) burgers from the burger place, so we picked up those with fries - for everyone.

Adult vegetarian had a frozen mushroom veggie burger.

Sib and I had picanha / sirloin flap cooked on the grill - really delicious.

I picked up a (la brea) sourdough baguette on our way back from the beach (plus ice cream) and refreshed it in the oven.

Fries, tater tots - yeah, not a healthy dinner but very tasty!


Do tell on the disco fries - I’m all ears!


Spent half the day at my volunteer gig, the other half at the beach. Man, it was a hot one!

Dinner was Chinese takeout. I had chicken with string beans in garlic sauce. BF had General Tso’s combo. Mom joined us and had shrimp in lobster sauce.

To drink, in honor of Pride month, was a Cosmo. Not because I’m a fan of the drink, but what other cocktail is there for such an occasion?


Super labours !

What type of flour do you use for your base ?

Remarkably outstanding …

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The downside of remote working. A thermostat is just a switch. If you need to get the server room temp down you can fix it with a paper clip. You just have to be there. sigh

Answers to pizza questions are here, after a weekend of taking time to get outside. (Hurray.)

@barca, I haven’t yet found a pizza dough recipe that I favor enough to use again and again. Sometimes I buy a favorite pizza dough from my local supermarket. When I prepare the dough myself I either use King Arthur All Purpose Flour or King Arthur Whole Wheat Flour. Both flours are available in an organic version, which I prefer—the taste and texture of the finished product seem a bit better to me.

@Auspicious, I use my enameled cast-iron skillet to caramelize a batch of onions for pizza. That lets me go as low and slow as I have time for, using splashes of water as needed to deglaze the fond from the pan. The enameled cast iron is forgiving, as I have a hunch you’ll know. Also the pan allows me to cheat by turning up the heat a bit more when I have less time.

I confess that I don’t let “perfect” get in the way of a tasty pizza. :wink:


I loved these quotes in that article:

“There’s no blood going through me, honey,” she adds. “It’s gravy and mozzarella cheese.” (re: Santos, the waitress at the Tick-Tock Diner in Clifton).

“What makes them great?” pondered Romano, repeating my very open-ended question back to me. “I guess alcohol.”



Nah, this was a separate wall cooling unit whose unit on the roof had gotten clogged with all of the pollen. So one of my IT guys and I were on the phone when he went in to the office to turn on the secondary cooling. The primary was cleaned today and we’re good to go - and I didn’t have to leave my house! :slight_smile:


It is truth. At least here in the Mid-Atlantic. I wonder if all KA Organic flour is from the same miller or if it differs from region to region like their regular flour.

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“Why is there a power washer in the IT budget?” grin

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Dinner tonight: kielbasa, sauerkraut with apples and caraway, and a salad of spinach and strawberries.


It looks phenomenal.

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I made thick local pork chops seasoned with ground fennel and rosemary and seared in their own rendered fat, then braised with blanched kale, shallot, onion, and marinara sauce until just done. A riff on this recipe from Dinner a Love Story. Rainbow Italian pasta rigate with butter, Parm Regg, and fresh sage. Foraged cherry hand pies with local strawberry ice cream.


Thank you! It was :slightly_smiling_face:
They prepare a lot of different dishes that you don’t see in most Thai restaurants, like the crispy betel leaves and Southern crab curry. The food is mainly from the Isaan (Northeastern) region of Thailand.


Isaan food is SO delicious!


It’s been a week or better since I’ve actually cooked a meal so I made one for the ladies since my son wasn’t home. Shrimp oreganata over orzo scampi with sautéed spinach. Quite yummy…


Another dinner the BF highjacked! (lucky me!!) I was going to do a Vietnamese pork but he went with very simple flavors instead. Simple but delicious. He braised the pork in sherry, chicken stock, a little worcestershire, onion, garlic, thyme, and parsley. Sweet and regular potatoes added later. Salad was dressed with balsamic & a little juice from my jar of TJ’s Amarena cherries. Said he’s upping his salad game. Toasted walnuts, too. Good job!

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2