What's For Dinner #7 - March 2016. The Primavera Edition

Just kidding!

Thanks for the good thoughts, LW, Frizzle and MC. My Essure implants have migrated are are wandering around in my guts so they have to pull 'em out. So, nothing serious but I’ll be sore nonetheless.

The man wouldn’t let us starve to death if left to his own devices (and he wouldn’t get fast food or junk, either,) but I think it’s probably best that I stash a week or so worth of easy meals and a bunch of soup just to be sure. :slight_smile: I’ll be perusing the threads for new soup ideas since I’ve already started making extra bone broths/ stock. The sweet potato soup seasoned with ras el hanout from the same site as the gyoza meatballs was a hit with us so I’m making a batch of that for sure!!!

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It’s “dine out” night. We’re going into the city for Punjabi food.


"… hands burnt, mouth burnt, stomach burnt… "
Oh how terrible. That must have been agony, NAF !

WFD: Wok Wed ~ Stir-Fried Chicken from Stir-Frying to the Sky’s Edge. Bite size pieces of boneless skinless tossed with cornstarch, rice wine, light soy sauce, a smidge of peanut oil and salt. Wedges of red onion are stir-fried on peanut oil and red pepper flakes, the coated chicken is added and stir-fried. Sliced carrots are added next along with a mixture of rinsed and mashed fermented black beans, garlic, ginger, dark soy sauce.

All the wok contents are stir-fried a bit then some chicken broth and a little oil are added. Everything is now combined and the lot is stir-fried till the chicken is cooked through. Finely shredded scallions are mixed in and the dish is served. This will be fab with just a bowl of Jasmine rice cooked in homemade chicken broth.


Pies made with removed and shredded meat from braised pheasant legs. We liked it a lot, but the puff pastry could be thicker (I rolled it out to fit the 3 pie dishes). All kinds of vegs were in them, more swede than most other kinds.

Seen here is one of 3


We too had roast lamb at the weekend, made into a shepherd’s pie last night, and tonight barley soup made from the stock from the bone. Yoghurt for pudding, before my yoga class. Then, when I got home, Himself had brought me a proper doughnut from Brick Lane.


Sweet corn chowder tonight using the last of the season’s corn.

Truffled brie for afters. It will be my first time trying it. Here’s what A.A Gill says about the cheese.

Girls who don’t want to go all the way on a first date shouldn’t toy with the truffled brie. It is a taste and texture that creeps up behind you in riding boots and undoes your buttons with a violinist’s fingers in cream kid gloves, then slides a cushion under your hips.

Gives new meaning to the term food porn.


Life goes on normal again after that hyper hot meal! Tonight is the Cantonese Pork belly, I tried to find the closest recipe that ressemble those selling in restaurant.

My pork recipe is based on a mixture of these recipes.


Nice to see another tempeh eater around :slight_smile: looks like a great meal you made

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I decided to celebrate Ripe Avocado Day by making one of those avocado dark chocolate puddings. I had the rest of a 70% theo bar that was perfect. I almost followed this recipe- but omitted the cocoa powder since I don’t have any and i used a bit of agave as a sweetner instead of the dates.
And yeah, then i had a wonderful bowl of it and called that dinner :grin:


That looks fabulous :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Chowder - we added some chicken to it and it’s topped with lemon zest and parsley. Stupidly though I totally forgot that I was out of onions and the result was a quite noticeable lack of depth. As there is plenty of chowder left for another meal I’m wondering if I could sauté an onion and add it to the chowder? Any thoughts on whether this may work?

And, all that’s left of the truffled Brie. It’s outstanding stuff. I don’t know why I haven’t got around to trying it earlier.


Beef stew. Parsley dumplings.

Classic and traditional.


Absolutely! Sauté the onions and slowly bring up the heat under the chowder so the onions, when added, will have a chance to flavor the reheating sauce. We love chowders and cook them frequently.

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What’s the difference between a soup and a chowder?

Pizza. TJs pizza dough, Hazan’s butter/onion tomato sauce, mandoline-sliced red onion, jalapenos and mushrooms, mozzarella, home ground sausage, pepperoni, asparagus tips and some grated Parm. Using the mandoline worked great for those things. I’ve not been able to get the crust as thin as we’d like. Bob suggested just using less of the dough. Smart Bob :slight_smile: Preheated the stone for 45 min. at 550.


None as far as I can see, except that chowders seem to be generally seafood based and involve cream/milk. But then there are other soups that involve seafood or cream/milk.

I see that there’s a suggestion that the etymology derives from the French word for cauldron - chaudiere. So, it could be similar to me saying I’m cooking a lamb stew or cooking a lamb casserole.

As usual, Dr. Google knows the answer.

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No grilled pork chops for us last night – too damn cold outside. And so we treated ourselves to a light meal of wild pink shrimp over arugula.

I briefly poached the shrimp, then tossed in butter with garlic, shallots & red pepper flakes. The arugula was dressed with lemon vinaigrette.

Simple and good.


Join us cheeseheads on the cheese thread someday. Curious to see what cheese you have got in NZ.

Me likes!

If I don’t say anything about WFD it usually means I’m eating vegetarian, or simply linguine with tomatoes and a mountain of grated Pecorino.

The last half block of tempeh will be made into faux “Peking duck” soon.

Oink oink! Was it close to the restaurant version?
I have made many versions myself. Pork belly is incredibly forgiving, no matter how you cook it it can’t go wrong.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold