What's for Dinner #69 - The "It's Gotta Be May" Edition - May 2021

Your seafood salad looks like paradise to me. Only I can’t understand your use of “ceviche” to describe it. Was there any raw component? I’d love the recipe, even if it’s just a quick paraphrase describing how you threw it together.


Here are 2 distinctly different Valencian - Alicantine Paellas with 2 different types of rice that we had eaten last summer during a photo shoot.


Thanks @Sasha!

There’s a salsa vendor at our local farmers market that also sells seafood salads and a shrimp ceviche. The ceviche is uncooked but not exactly raw because it’s been sitting in lime juice (on ice, of course). Anyway, I drained some of the juice off and mixed it with the seafood salad, cooked some wild shrimp & lobster meat I already had then added a little salsa, extra seasoning & mayo (because I’m a mayo junky). If you’re serving it right away it’s great with avocado on top. We eat it with chips. :slightly_smiling_face:


Mashup! Sounds tasty. I’m not sure about salsa with mayo. But a definite maybe. And everything else sounds sublime. I don’t eat nearly as much seafood as I’d like.

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Haha, yeah, it wasn’t the salsa in the photo I posted - it was a chunkier one I used to add tomatoes, cilantro, onions, etc. I was so not feeling chopping & cooking that day… mashup. :wink:

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Just an FYI for all…I suggested to the Mods that they break out the “making of paella at home” to its own thread to get a wider audience participation. That new thread is here:


I made arroz con pollo, inspired by recent posts here about that dish as well as paella. I followed the instructions from the paella video I shared in the other thread, but using Latin American(ish) ingredients. It turned out really well - I would be more precise/cut back on the broth a little next time. Could have been more al dente. But managed a soccarat and DH had thirds :grin: Green salad with homegrown lettuce and Kumatoes.


We had a long string of meat dinners, so I went with minestrone today. And a chocolate babka. Inspired by the GBBS. I really wanted to love it, and the dough was quite nice. But the chocolate completely oozed out as I rolled it, so there was practically none in the interior of the bread. I don’t know if this is me messing it up or a commonplace result.


Made another dad favorite tonight (yeah, I’m missing my parents desperately! Stupid pandemic) - beef curry.

The original recipe is from one of his childhood friend’s families; they were Goan. Of course, as with most things, it has been simplified by my mom over the years. And this was my approximation of her dish.

One of my favorite foods - coconut rice - is only made with two dishes in our family. This is one. Yum.

I started no-knead dough for baby baguettes last night.

Also, roasted cauliflower. It was a good night - nice and caramelized, just the way I like it.


This makes me miss nyc so much… arroz con pollo is ubiquitious - and delicious - at all the chino latino restaurants in my neighborhood :heart_eyes:

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Just a regular store bought tortilla which I warmed directly on an open flame. But a hot buttered pan sounds even better!

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I really need a stove upgrade!!!

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You are motivating me to give it a try!!!


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Trying to use up some stuff in the fridge, as I’m headed to central PA on Sunday with my sister for a couple of days. This worked.

Sauteed cremini mushrooms and onions until soft in butter and oil, adding minced garlic for the last 30 seconds before adding 1 cup of mushroom stock/broth from a mushroom bouillon cube. Let that simmer until reduced by 2/3rds or so, adding about a half tsp of dried thyme. Then added 1/3 cup heavy cream and sprinkled in some grated Parm-Reg and simmered until sauce was thickened.

Meanwhile, garganelli pasta was boiled and spooned out to drain, and I added some chopped asparagus to the boiling water for 4 minutes or so.

Pasta was returned to its pot, sauce poured over top and it was plated, with some of the asparagus on top with a sprinkle of Parm-Reg.


And it was good. Like REALLY good. These mushroom bouillon cubes are amazing for adding mushroomy umami flavor to meals.



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BF on dinner duty: kimchi rice bowls with Chinese sausage, fried egg, and pickled things, plus his delicious pork and ginger won tons.

Total comfort food, as I’ve been dealing with some strange bacterial infection on my face. Face and eyes swole up like I’d been stung by a thousand bees. On antibiotics, starting to calm down finally a little this afternoon. No one is sure what caused it, doctors don’t think it’s an allergy reaction. I just want my face back. But I’m in no pain, and obviously, I still have my appetite. :smiley:


'Twas kismet. I was craving peas but I didn’t know what I wanted to do with them. Faux arroz con camarones, the arroz being cauliflower rice. I left it sort of brothy? and didn’t try for a soccarat. A green salad with v/o dressing.


Wow, that doesn’t sound good. Great you still have your appetite as it all looks wonderful. Wishing you a speedy recovery.


Oh yum. Mushrooms and asparagus is one of my favorite combos. Enjoy your trip!


Haven’t gone with this in a while. Chicken cutlet over garlic mashed. Quick and easy comfort food.