What's for Dinner #68 - the Spring has Sprung Edition - April 2021

What’s the secret to cleaning those roasting pans?

Sous vide beef short ribs, 48 hours at 138f.


Mapo tofu, with fresh tofu from a local place that makes theirs daily (I bought it a few days ago, though). Love this stuff.



We had an excellent but uncomfortable dinner at La Cucina Nouveau in Marlboro, NJ. Details and pictures are in the link below for those that might be interested.


Ugh. I don’t know that I would’ve stayed. There’s a place we like in upstate New York with an owner who is, if not a straight-up COVID denier, then at the very least a COVID skeptic. And all that that entails. We’re fond of the guy, despite all this, and he does keep his unmasked face 6+ feet away from us. So we still eat there.


Unfortunately, we travelled an hour to get there, and there weren’t too many options on a Saturday night, without a reservation. Since we arrived early, for the first 45 minutes of our dinner, it wasn’t that crowded. Also, at least were weren’t seated in the middle of the main dining room cesspool, so we had some breathing room. It also helped that the food was excellent. We probably won’t be returning (at least until Covid is fully in the rear view mirror).

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Adding regular flour sounds like a good idea. @CurlzNJ and I were discussing our matzah ball techniques. She simmers hers for twice as long as her recipe calls for and they come out light and fluffy. Next time I may simmer the Kubbeh in the chicken stock before adding the beets. This might help lighten them without over-cooking the beets.

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A good soak and then a Scotch Brite scrubber sponge. If it gets REALLY bad, a steel wool soap pad. I’ve had this little Farberware roasting pan for 40 years, and its definitely no longer spotless. Just well used and well loved. They no longer make this smaller size, so I’ll keep it until I am no longer able to cook for myself. :slightly_smiling_face:


I respectfully suggest passing on steel wool and getting bronze wool, readily available at most home improvement/DIY stores from Home Depot through Lowes, TrueValue, and Ace (please note Oxford comma). Amazon. The issue is that steel wool sheds and the tiny bits of steel rust and make a mess. Bronze also sheds but doesn’t rust or otherwise stick. Just squirt a little dish soap on the bronze wool and it’s just like a Brillo pad.


Big fan of the Oxford comma!



Signed the contracts and left the deposit on the daughters wedding venue today. This father of the bride is trying to “numb the pain” a bit with a liquid dinner. Lol (actually tonight’s dinner will be an end of week fridge clean out potpourri!! They better get use to leftovers around here till I get this wedding paid for. Anyone hiring middle aged balding know it all’s?

Peace peeps


Mazel tov!


Duck breast with Brussels sprouts. Several things wrong here. :disappointed:
I overcooked the duck by probably 10 F degrees. Plated it in the wrong direction. And finally (not in the picture) burnt my hand grabbing the skillet handle after taking it out of the oven. :face_with_head_bandage:


A little hard on yourself, no?


I made pasta salad with arugula and spinach, pesto red wine vinaigrette, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, fresh mozz, pepperoncini, and grape tomatoes, topped with chicken. Good and easy.


I see you decided to have the wedding at home!


Hahahaha :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl: good one and thank you for the compliment MsBean!!

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My frequent Friday dinner, gladly busted all to hell with my year-long delayed night out at Dali.

My Saturday dinner…I had other plans. Plus I didn’t get these until Saturday afternoon.

So it became a Sunday night dinner: Steak tips from my local butcher, with Ballymaloe steak sauce, a big-ass half baked tater with TPSTOB and sour cream, and roasted Brussels sprouts with homemade garlic powder-herb-dried orange peel blend. And wine.

And I have tomorrow off as one of our company’s holidays…even though we don’t usually have Patriots Day off (it’s a Boston holiday only, plus Maine). But I’ll take the sleeping-in day.


Looks good!

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