What's for Dinner #68 - the Spring has Sprung Edition - April 2021

Bucatini alla carbonara

And a whiskey sour to start :cocktail:


Indian spiced oven-roasted turkey kebabs, masala cauliflower, potato and chickpeas, (not pictured) palak paneer and/or steamed green beans, cucumber raita and garlic naan.


Looks good! What is a berbers bolognese? Carrot top pesto sounds interesting too.

Wonderful to see you here again! :blush:

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I’m so glad to see you back!

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I don’t know if anyone here follows Diaspora Co or the ongoing Spice thread, but I’ll leave this here.


Oof, a typo shakes fist at autocorrect deities. Should be berbere (the ethiopian spice blend). P2 made the carrot greens pesto – definitely a sharp flavor, but great for spring. Radish greens also work quite nicely for this (or any greens IMHO)


IIRC sushi/sashimi grade is a generally unregulated designation. As discussed here, you’re probably really safe eating tuna raw.

If there were parasites, ceviche/curing would not help much, but my take is that tuna is generally super safe to eat. If you enjoy your cooked tuna like I do (seared on the outside, effectively still raw on the inside), the internal temp probably isn’t going to get high enough in the middle of the piece of fish to kill any parasites there anyway. However, if you’re concerned about surface bacterial growth, searing ought to take care of that nicely.

If anyone knows otherwise, please correct me – here to learn and share!

Tl;dr very likely totally fine, enjoy your beautiful tuna!

Disclaimer: this is not medical advice, I am not a medical professional, etc.


Today’s wfd is this beauty plus a million cheeses and a billion pickled things from the fridge. A few days ago I noticed that ½ or more of my fridge was now half open jars of pickled veg of every stripe, plus a number of sauces or condiments. Hardly enough real estate to actually store food. So I am on a mission to reduce.

Also, my older son yesterday stated that we had so much cheese and no bread to eat it with and we (royal we) either needed to bake a loaf or buy one. Well, that sounded like a challenge! And I thought to myself, surely, it is no problem to whip up a loaf – I don’t want to make a special grocery trip and overpay to boot. [He likes the crusty artisanal ones.] It was a little tight, as my little (well, he’s 15 but who’s counting) had a soccer game that we watched, and we arrived home from that around 745pm with no one yet fed. We’d had to leave at 445 to drop him off for warm up. I tasked my H with heating up chili finished the night before and doing some toppings, while I started mixing the dough. Pretty late start, but the feeling of being able to just throw a loaf of bread together at 8pm was good indeed, when only a few years ago I truly believed great bread was not a home cook project (or at least not in my purview). Self sufficiency is a tremendous feeling.


We must be long-lost relatives.


I like your screenname

Or just like-minded geniuses!

I am in California , so I’m still dreaming here. The plan was for the Milk Street recipe for piri piri chicken.

It suggests you not substitute for the fresh fresno chilis, but it’s April, and there are no ripe Fresnos to be found. Even here in No Cal they can be hard to find when you want them, which is why I grow and pickle them. I’m going to try the pickled ones.

The spice mix is salt, sugar, cumin, coriander, “New Mex” or “California” chili powder, and sweet paprika.

The “sauce” is sugar, fresno chilis (8!), red wine vinegar, garlic , and lemon juice.

Since I’m using pickled fresnos, I might skip the 1/4 cup vi egar, and or 1/3 cup lemon juice in the “sauce”.


What recipe do you use for that beautiful loaf?

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Tonight rib eye steak dusted with Tabil . North African spice I ordered. Served with salad and beans . Started sous vide with slab bacon . 24 hours at 150 degrees
That’s for tomorrow
When your in the mood for buy it now . Paella pan and rice. 20210429_182543|393x700


I’ll spare you all the details, but I’m back…I think! Oh it’s been weeks since I felt this good.

Anyway, a pre-dinner martini while enjoying the summer-like weather. Roku Gin, olive brine, Dolin, and a twist. The best of all worlds. I had a “few” as I celebrate rejoining the land of the living. I hope it’s for good this time.

To eat: We had a delicious dinner, as always, from our favorite Indian restaurant via DoorDash. Pictured here is my Chicken Tikka Masala with Navrattan Korma. BF had Chicken Kashmiri, while my mom joined us and had Chicken Makhni. There was also Basmati Rice, naan, and roti. As someone who has had to eat very plain for the last week-plus, this was a welcome burst of flavor. I devoured it with reckless abandon.


this made my heart swoon, all of it.

although i paused at the thought of the olives & pimentos in the whisky sour. :grinning:

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I asked and received - BF made kofte dinner, with hummus, puris, and two Lebanese salads (the cuke one with had his own zaatar, both had a little sumac, the tomato had a little mint in it). His puris didn’t puff as much as he would have liked, but they were beautifully delicious orbs. Kofte had a good crust but were still juicy inside.


glad you’re back! did you have a relapse? if you don’t want to share the dirty details, obvs, you don’t have to… dinner looks luscious, as always.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold