What's for Dinner #68 - the Spring has Sprung Edition - April 2021

“The Beans” credit is good here any day of the week!


You know those Sundays where you wake up early, all raring to go, ready to do laundry, scrub the bathroom, do some baking for those of you who have been going in to the workplace (just to get rid of the chocolate chips in the kitchen), and take care of your 2020 Fed and State taxes?

Yeah. Me neither. :wink:

Well, I did do laundry. Because I don’t do leggings and sweatshirts at work. But despite expecting to get a little bit of money from both, because the IRS and Commonwealth of MA both gave us another 30 days to file, I still didn’t do my taxes. Because I’m in lazy-ass mode. I’ll deal with that tomorrow, said Scarlett.

Dinner…Trader Joe’s pork belly with an orange-ginger sauce, Israeli couscous and steamed green beans. And wine.


Buffalo wings and elote-style Brussels sprouts (roasted with chili powder, topped with grated Parmesan and lime crema). Too hungry for pics!


Last nights dinner was inspired by the pomegranate molasses thread, humungus chicken breast, carrots and brussels baked in a pomegranate molasses, two mustard (Maille Dijon and old style) sauce. Salad of baby spring greens, yellow cherry tomatoes, avocado, celery & red onion with maple balsamic dressing. 'Twas delicious, I’ll be using the molasses more often.
Tonight, okra gumbo with shrimp, crab, a little andouille sausage, Creole boiled cauli rice and muffuletta salad salad. My sinuses are clear.
IMG_2875 IMG_2877 IMG_2837 IMG_2891


Great idea on the muffuletta salad @BeefeaterRocks! All of it looks delicious! Please, more details on the Creole boiled cauliflower rice - frozen or??

We enjoyed another spectacular dinner at Bistro D’Azur in South Orange, NJ. We enjoyed black bass, venison, lobster crepes, duck confit salad, mussels, and Spanish chips.It all went great with an excellent Gigondas and cabernet sauvignon.



Posole (with hyper-local cilantro). Got my Moderna #2 today and I DO NOT FEEL GREAT. So I was happy to have this in the freezer, the last of a giant batch I made a few weeks ago.



yum on all of this! love how dark your roux turned out. And i too love the idea of a muffuletta salad salad!

Chile colorado pozole. Leftover pork shoulder I over-grilled at my sister’s last week, homemade enchilada sauce, using dried guajillos and mulatas, braised for a couple hours, then added hominy and a little more oregano. Topped with crumbled loroco queso, scallions/cilantro, and crema. Served with charred tortillas and cilantro/garlic/lime rice. Salad in a garlicy/oregano vinaigrette.

grateful that the BF and I got our covid vaxx yesterday, him Moderna, me J&J (so i’m done!) - neither of us suffered any symptoms whatsoever. knock on wood… sister gets her first on Tues., so i’m thinking in a month my little bubble will be in the clear! (well, as clear as any of us can be.)


Thank you. I grate fresh cauliflower, boil three-ish minutes.

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Thanks. Yes, the roux was much better than my first attempt. Patience was the key to success.
And yay on your vax!

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oh no, so sorry, i saw your post after i posted mine (re covid shot) - sorry you’re feeling crappy!

I guess it was a pozole type of night!

that dinner hits all the right notes.

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Last night DH made spicy Sichuan mung bean noodle bowls based on a Chinese noodle + topping packet, to which he added stir-fried chicken breast, cauliflower, carrot, poached egg, and chili crisp.

Tonight I made turkey burgers adding gelatin bloomed in chicken broth and soy sauce, a la ATK, plus minced dried onion. Served on ww sandwich bread (leftover from camping) with avo, crispy shallot, and ketchup. Served with a lousy “Mediterranean” bagged salad.

I would use this method again…but on very lean ground beef instead.


The look on the dog . " What took you so long . I thought you were never coming back . I need a treat . "


Wowza. Wow.

These photos are just incredible, Eli!

This is really clever! Filing away.


:drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:Sounds and looks amazing

Sorry you feel poorly! (That means it’s working, as they say…). From recent experience may I suggest - keep Tylenol and a beverage by the bed, along with a heating pad or heating blanket. And to keep this OT - don’t feel obligated to cook dinner tomorrow. Let someone cook for you or dig into freezer/pantry stores if you have appetite to eat.

But yeah: Tylenol!

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Making noodles. Phongdien Town, Cantho City, Southern Vietnam.
Credit: CiaoHo