What's for Dinner #67 - the It's Been A YEAR Since This All Started! Edition - March 2021

Calamari & Calzone …



Okay, not really.

:zipper_mouth_face:Someone might be monitoring us!

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How perfect that looks. Did you dine near the beachfront in your lovely city, by any chance?

This looks like a dream to me because it’s still quite cold here in New England. :star_struck:


Swoon! Looks like an epic Julia Child kind of moment to me.


Naw, we never dropped the meat on the floor. :grinning::grinning::grinning:


You may be the only person I know who is in your particular unique situation. You’ve mentioned it a few times, and I am just full of questions. Please tell me if I’m being nosy. Did you leave behind family you were living with or were you living alone? What of your housing situation left behind? What did you do when you knew that your short trip would become what it became? How did you decide to just not go back? Has it been a crazy adjustment for you and for your fam? I cannot even imagine staying with my sister and her fam for more than a week. We would drive each other nuts.

Ok, to keep it food related, if I had to go live with any of my extended family, I would have to create an entire kitchen of tools, because none of them do more than “add water” or warm up frozen stuff. Their cupboards are full of packaged snacks. At least 10 degrees of separation between food that grew and the form it now takes, residing in their kitchen!


Wowza :star_struck:


Leftover pho-flavored cauli-jasmine rice became fried rice with bacon, shrimp, egg, and cabbage. A tad salty but still tasty. DH made a grated carrot salad, which I forgot to photograph.


Fun! I had just done pitas recently too. Christmas I think? I used the recipe from Hot Bread Kitchen, and it said to bake them on the stone. Agree the baking was almost faster than the rolling. 1-2 min per side.


I found that when I tried to flip them they either tore or deflated. They turned out best just cooked one side.

Huh. I don’t remember mine tearing. However, when I tried to make mushu pancakes (which the recipe said put 2 balls of dough together, oiled, and roll them out together, cook together, then separate), I had major separation problems. I guess you win some you lose some :slight_smile: especially with bready type things.

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I’m not @Saregama, but my daughter was living with a roomie in New York, came home for a visit last March, ended up sort of stranded here in California, lost her job, got another she could work from “home”, went back to NY to put her things in storage, and came back here until a month or so ago.

And to keep it about cooking, she is not that into it, and had food delivered while she was here.


Mixed bag tonight.

Vegetarians had South Indian - I had soaked and fermented batter, made idli this morning, and made the dosas fresh for the kids. Also made meduvada in my “donut hole” (paniyaram / aebleskiver / takoyaki) pan. Plus dal.

Roasted cauliflower two ways - regular for the kids, and in (big) quarters for the adults, the latter coated with a spice paste.

Cilantro and habanero tajin-spiced yellowtail for my protein.

Supplemented with some leftover veg, because the food always looks less than it seemed it would at the end of the day.



@Sasha It’s a long story, the folks here on WFD have indulged me enough along the way.

TLDR - came for a short visit, NYC went sideways, then SoCal went sideways. I almost returned several times, each of which happened to coincide with another peak - here or there.

Of course, I had the privilege and luxury of flexibility.

Many other reasons and stories along the way, but it’s all water under the bridge now.

That’s a good word.


Mess-making-stove-top-roasted asparagus and reverse seared NY Strip. Well done for hubs. I might eat mine raw. JK.


She uses words like that too!


Tonight’s dinner was very blah and in the spirit of IDGAF. Thursdays are my one guaranteed day off, meaning I usually try to cook something nice. However, Thursdays are also my hockey day with the same group every week (a great socially distant sport-- if anyone gets too close I can just wack em).

Well, after an elongated afternoon of nearly three hours of hockey, I was in rough shape. I think I’ll be limping tomorrow. Or for two days. Anyway, a no-cook night it was! Did a mozzarella and tomato salad, some good bread, stuffed mushrooms, sausage bread from the Italian market, and some gourmet pizza bite things from the market that absolutely sucked. Pic of mozz only.

I also treated myself to a new whiskey to numb the pain! LOL Redemption Rye Pre-Prohibition. What I liked: nice warming sensation, mild spice, notes of vanilla, and a surprisingly delightful sweetness. And a good ol’ fashion high rye kick. What I did not like: they used real cork and maybe this case was upside down during shipping because it is already worn with some on the rim, and a little made it into my drink. :expressionless:


Impressive! Especially the hockey!

Thank you. Getting out of bed tomorrow will be equally impressive! :rofl:


Saregama . A favorite.

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