What's for Dinner #67 - the It's Been A YEAR Since This All Started! Edition - March 2021

Hope you like them! Definitely stem and chiffonade.


Lal mirch (lal = red, mirch/mirchi = chilli)

Tasty plate!

Ah, thank you for the correction! It was hard to read the handwriting.

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Dinner from the last two nights: not very photogenic, but tasty - baked chicken wings, two ways: Frank’s Hot Sauce and Lemon Pepper, vegetable fried brown basmati rice. Belated St Paddy’s Day dinner, since H was on a ski junket on the 17th. Oven baked and glazed corned beef with a blackberry mustard glaze, steamed cabbage in CB juices, and roasted potatoes and carrots. All really good, with the CB and glaze turning out exceptionally well.

Unfortunately the CB shrunk by half, but wish I had 6 more just like it in the freezer. It was perfect, in that it wasn’t too salty!


It’s been a week so far.

Even my boss knew it was going to be a Wine Day for me, even though I try not to drink alcohol on weeknights. LOL

It’s also Hump Day.
And Prince Spaghetti Day.

So dinner was comfort food.
Sketti, meat sawce, and a crusty buttered roll (with Kerrygold butter).

And that aforementioned wine.


I love seeing all of your beautiful pictures. Cooked at home , take out , neighbor offering you food , going out , food cart , a freinds or relatives house.
Cheers .:wine_glass:Thank you food friends .


Indian tonight.

I made green beans and kheema aloo (ground turkey+beef with potato) yesterday, dals were from the freezer (2 kinds), spinach/saag also from the freezer, and GF parathas and regular chapatis (latter were awful, from freezer, made by someone else). Fresh rice.

I love kheema… such comfort food. Good thing too. After I was done cooking yesterday, sib decided to taste and declared there was too much tomato… I almost threw a cast iron pan on him :rofl: But… it was true. So I sautéed a brick of ground beef and added it to the turkey kheema, which fixed the situation. So now there’s another meal’s worth in the freezer. I did use some choice words (and was again tempted by that cast iron pan) tonight when he cleaned the pot out and remarked “oh you saved it.” Siblings! :rage::joy:


Dessert was called for - ridiculously chocolatey brownies with a splash of bourbon for fun. Oh and GF, (not that you could tell).

Nuts at one end because otherwise I have to hear about it :woman_facepalming:t2:


Oooo @Saregama; brownies!

Husband had take out patties from a sadly neglected Jamaican restaurant which I won’t post a picture of here … :wink:.

For the record, I grew the peas and mint, and made this snap pea and mint salad. Cotija subbing for ricotta sallata. These are my very first peas from the garden, and while I removed the “strings”, and dunked them briefly in boiling salted water, one of the snap peas I’m growing had some tough bits. :tired_face:

BTW, I don’t really care what goes here, but I can’t resist making fun of things.


Recipe please? I have a chicken curry coming up in our meal plan and I’d be pleased to try something a little different than my usual.

I usually butterfly the chicken breast before dicing it to make the pieces a little more bite-sized. What do you think, Christina?

Definitely intrigued by your collard salad. I love collards but I’ve only had them cooked. Looks like you finely shredded them and marinated them in the dressing to soften them up?

Edited to add: I saw @MsBean’s questions and your responses after I posted, as I’m playing catch-up. But I won’t delete my post because I wanted you to know that raw collards intrigue me. Thanks for the brilliant idea.


I love it too - yours looks terrific. Funny you should mention tomato, though - the first kheema recipe I ever tried was from Raghavan Iyer’s 660 Curries and does not include tomatoes. Upon tasting it (with no prior knowledge of what kheema is supposed to taste like) I decided immediately that it was perfect except that it needed tomato-but not a lot of tomato. Looks like your brother and I are birds of a feather! :rofl:

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Good morning all - I’ve started April’s thread here:


Sure, here’s the list of ingredients I referenced from The Ultimate Indian Instant Pot Cookbook, subbing chicken breast dusted with garam masala, s&p, and TJ’s umami seasoning for the paneer:

I already had about 4 cups of a neutral tomato-onion sauce made from our ravioli meal, so I used that and scaled everything up a bit. I used the coconut cream and a little water from a single can of separated coconut milk. I would have added more coconut cream if I didn’t have cashew butter to use up (2-3 Tbsp - almond would also work). This recipe has you fry the aromatics in coconut oil, add the tomato products and turmeric, and add the coconut milk, sugar, and garam masala after cooking the sauce. Cilantro is garnish. My lal mirch was super spicy, so I used just a little + paprika.

If you use the Instant Pot, I suggest chicken thighs. The semi-frozen breast chunks were a little dry after only 2-3 min at high pressure. Stovetop - I don’t see why your usual chicken cut wouldn’t turn out well; just give the sauce a head start to come together so the poultry doesn’t overcook.


I can’t count how many times I respond to a post without looking at subsequent posts. Try as I might I think I get too excited to post to scroll through a thread.


Dinner last night: roasted cherry tomato pasta (fresh cherry tomatoes from garden, pulled from freezer) with tomato pesto, kasseri and mizithra cheeses, garlic sourdough toast, salad with BC dressing.


I love Jamaican parties but I have a feeling I’ve only had the commercial kind - can’t even remember the name of the NYC chain that started selling them frozen :roll_eyes:

Gorgeous salad! A cafe near me uses parmesan plus arugula for heft, and I love everything about that salad! We had it early in the pandemic, but are long overdue.


Golden Krust! I’m sure they don’t compare to homemade, but they are still delicious.


Yes, I have to do this with my brownies too, my daughter won’t eat the nuts and I deem nuts essential to brownies. Lucky for her I’m trying to get rid of my Covid gut, so laying off the sweets for the time being.

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Thank you very much for the Cookbook recommendation, by Meera Sodha, “Made in India”…

Thanks for the tip on the salt.

Yes, very harmonising cuisine, Vietamese. Yes, a good slaw requires balances textures, crisp, crunchy, salty, a touch sweet and sour.

If i am not mistaken Coleslaw comes from the Dutch … I have a Chef friend in Amsterdam. I could write him. I shall check out some old editions of Gourmet Magazine and Food & Wine Magazine as well.

Have a lovely Easter Holiday / Spring Break.