What's for Dinner #67 - the It's Been A YEAR Since This All Started! Edition - March 2021

Thanks for the tips! When I tried making them I tried making the batter myself. I got some urad dal from Amazon and just used jasmine rice, that might have been part of the problem along with insufficient fermentation. I think I might try to get some pre-made batter from an Indian grocery someday.

Carbonara for dinner for me too! With bucatini.


Try one of these in the meantime - they work great.

Also, you can steam a large round (in a cake pan) and cut into pieces - or use a cookie cutter if you want circles but don’t have the mold.



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Couldn’t let this beautiful weather go to waste. A Last Word with French Chartreuse, Japanese gin, Italian Luxardo, and fresh lime juice.

Dinner was pizza. Lazy two nights in a row. And the best part of tonight? PAPER PLATES!


Rancho Gordo Bayo Chocolates (XOXOC-Project) Carrot, Celery, Spring Garlic, Olive Oil, Salt Pork, RG’s Mexican Oregano, Puréed Rehydrated Ancho Chili, Chili Powder, TJ’s Chicken Broth Concentrate + Scallions, Cilantro & Sour Cream

These have thick skins which took quite some time to cook, especially with a traditional stove top method but are worth it - they’re creamy with incredible gravy-like bean broth that’s great over rice!

Perfect as the dried beans look like milk chocolate.

(internet photo)


Ukwaju (Tamarind) Marinated Spicy Chicken Thighs

From Food 52’s Black History Month Virtual Potluck Recipes that @Rooster posted in February. It was quite involved…

Marinated Chicken Thighs for 2 days in Balsamic, Apple Cider Vinegar, Tamarind Paste, Rosemary, Garlic, Tumeric, Paprika, Black Pepper, Red Pepper Flakes.

After marinating you boil the chicken in the excess liquid until it evaporates and concentrates back into the chicken… Yep.

This is where it gets tricky. The recipe calls for making a paste with Royco & Shalimar Masala Spice Mixes + Black Pepper. The creator of this recipe, Kaluhi, is a Kenyan transplant and these spice mixes aren’t readily found in the U.S., but I searched and found the ingredient lists to make my own - Masala Spices, Black Pepper, Chicken Soup Crystals & Corn Starch.

After coating the chicken in the paste you flash fry it in super hot vegetable oil. I used Chosen brand Avocado, Coconut, Safflower Oil blend

Inside Shot

I slathered Carrots in the extra paste & roasted them.

Served w/Mahatma Yellow Rice, the Roasted Carrots & Leftover Chocolate Bayo Beans

It was sooo good and the house smelled incredible for days!:heart:


I’m going to have to try that.

Just a general KUDOS to all of you home cooks!!! I gotta tell ya, I can sit here and drool all day looking at all the wonderful plates you people are putting out!!! Although I haven’t had much time to cook and contribute myself, I am watching and enjoying all of you!! The quality of your photo’s are fantastic too, no clue what phones/camera’s you guys use but some of you are unbelievable!!! When I post I put the “K” in Kuality" lol

Anywho…Kudos again!!


Dinner last night - five spice pork tenderloin with cabbage, brown basmati rice, chile crisp. Good, but time for a store run for fresh produce.


That sounds really good. Did you make it up or follow a recipe?

Both, @ChristinaM, I had it in my head, and then found a recipe to work. We didn’t have mushrooms, scallions or red bell pepper, so we subbed in green pepper. Here is the recipe.

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Here’s the recipe.

There’s a link to another fried chix recipe in this post of Kaluhi’s that was also helpful in making this dish. I’d like to get that deep red color she has, possibly something in the Shalimar spice mix or more paprika. :thinking: The other thing is I’d thin out the paste a bit or coat with less next time.



I had this last night - talk about a lazy cocktail! i did a splash of sparkling water to it…


Thanks! Any reason this wouldn’t work with legs?

I think it’d be great with legs.

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That looks like an excellent and refreshing drink!

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Good evening. For my first post I made a Lobster Fra Diavolo.


Mrs. P made her delicious smoked salmon penne with some crispy smoked salmon skin cracklings to start. It went great with an excellent inexpensive Spanish Garnacha.


Welcome Ruth! Very nice splash into the WFD pond!