What's For Dinner #66 - the Candle Lights in Chilly Nights Edition - February 2021

Interesting! I almost didn’t click, but that was the clincher. And oh yeah…I’m paying for a digital Bon Appétit subscription that I’m always forgetting to look at, unless I’m on a plane.

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Can you say more about what you did with the lentils?

Pesto pizza


I made Meer Sodha’s slow-cooked pepper and paneer curry in the Instant Pot (15 minutes high pressure, QPR), reduced the oil, and subbed fire-roasted canned tomatoes and some paste and sugar for the fresh. We used DH’s homemade paneer and served over brown rice. Very good but I was a bit hungry later.


here’s something stupider: i have both the physical and the digital subs for The New Yorker and never get to them.


Well, I like to think we are supporting journalism we like. Probably 'nuff said about that.


Indian food for dinner tonight. Others prepped the veg, I cooked.

Green beans cooked dry-style with garlic and the standard spices.

Cauliflower with fresh ginger and tomato (paste) plus the dry stuff.

The yummy dal I made and froze last week - tastier for the zucchini I grated into it. (Plain dal for the kids, also from last week’s feed-the-freezer.) We have started defrosting/reheating dal in the IP, so much quicker and cleaner.

Fish spiced with garlic, cumin, chilli, and cilantro paste, and steamed en papillote for a change from the usual pan-frying

GF chapatis for the kids, one of my better batches (from the weekend, frozen in weekly sets). Adults skipped the starch.

A very satisfying dinner overall. I had two bowls of dal. We were slightly short on veg for the first time… everyone could have eaten more of both, but we cooked what we had.


I’ve been seeing ads for them - thanks for the vote of confidence!

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This made me so happy to look at… I love pesto, and pesto pizza. Haven’t had either in over a year, so time to remedy that.

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very true!

Looks awesome!

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+1 for Goslings! We get their sugar free version…


Tortellini, sausage, and spinach in a zesty blush marinara. Side of cheesey garlic bread. For a quick Monday night freezer/pantry dive, this was actually really good. We both enjoyed and would make it again.


What’s the best prepared tortellini brand to try. Outside of freshly made, do you buy frozen, boxed dried or the fresh refrigerated brands? Because they are stuffed with shelf stable fillings; “meat” or cheese I’m not sure which version is best.

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Not much of a cook, more of a recipe follower. A couple of the things I’ve made lately:

Skillet Roast Chicken with Caramelized Shallots

Cavatappi with Merguez & Spinach (the recipe calls for Italian sausage but I used merguez)


I can honestly say that these were the first tortellini I have ever purchased/cooked.

They were Andrea brand, cheese filled, frozen, and about as basic as it gets. But in the end, when combined with everything else, actually quite delightful.

I’m not sure where you live, but around here Andrea is a staple in any supermarket freezer section for tortellini and ravioli.

Would buy again.



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I’d beg to differ from those photos. Looks amazing!



I will be trying chicken tikka at home.


First, welcome to Hungry Onion!!! Here is our Welcome Wagon link if you want to tell us more about yourself, please feel free.


Also please update us on how your chicken comes out! Good luck!

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

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