Let's introduce ourselves and get to know one another better

Welcome John and Ryan. Already excited after reading your posts and intro’s. This is a very friendly forum, collective wisdom and great humor.

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Thank you…

I can grow just about anything here… including Tropical stuff.


Always a challenge try not growing in rows but instead clusters mixed with stuff they dislike… maybe Nettle? But plant them easy stuff too… Good luck!
My challenge is squirrels, skunks, raccoons, etc…

That’s absolutely ideal!

I don’t know exactly for what, but definitely ideal. :slight_smile:


Oh - I figured out why it’s ideal and for what - first, plant things that are very attractive to deer and rabbits; second, broaden your culinary horizons to greater inclusivity of the wide variety of natural local options, if you know what I mean. :laughing:

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Yay! Sunset or USDA zones? I’m thinking USDA. Blueberries in SoCal! I lived there a few years. Never thunk it. But I was in Westwood then. We are Sunset 8/9 now, or I sometimes I like to think 14/15 here, and Air Force via Travis AFB.

I see you have already found the garden forum. See you there!

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  1. Kandy, Sri Lanka
  2. Sri Lankan food with a modern twist
  3. Eating a quiet meal prepared by myself.
  4. I am interested in website developing, as a hobby. I also grow some cloves, tea, and black pepper.

Welcome, LMS!


Welcome aboard! I’m looking forward to some recipes!


Thanks everyone. I’ll be able to post a better reply when I’m on computer. Currently on the phone :grinning:


Welcome. I have very fond memories of The Botanical Gardens , fruit bats and of course kottu from when I was in Kandy. The train journey to Ella from Kandy was wonderful.

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Nice to hear that! Yes Kandy is a well-known tourist city. But it has changed since I was schooling there a few decades ago. It’s a lot more built up than it was. And definitely Kottu has also changed a lot since then. lol. Long ago it was made with a lot of ingredients but today only a very few.

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Welcome to Hungry Onion.

An absolutely wonderful vegetable garden.

Best wishes during these challenging times worldwide.

He just made a dramatic show of leaving the board, and he was not in a good mood.


Odd …

Not really. He’s just a guy who hasn’t yet found out he doesn’t rule the world, because he’s so busy ruling it that no one can tell him anything.

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Welcome to HO!


Greetings everyone!

  1. Minneapolis-St Paul & the Southern California desert
  2. I’m not an authority on anything; just a general enthusiast.
  3. I once had the immense pleasure to dine with Julia Child and her sister in Mill Valley. Lovely people.
  4. I’m a quiet single professional man who spends his free time cooking and reading. I mainly drink bourbon, but also enjoy gin, and beer.

From MSP and Socal, or originally from the frigid North and escaped?


Born and raised on an Iowa farm and sneaked out after college. Spent 20 years in SF and the North Bay. Moved to the Twin Cities for professional reasons and bought a home in SoCal to escape the winters. The TC’s winters are long and bitterly cold but the summers are spectacular. So now I’m a Hawkeye quietly living in enemy Gopher territory. Haha.


Welcome @Respectfully_Declined ! Hope you enjoy exploring our community.

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Making noodles. Phongdien Town, Cantho City, Southern Vietnam.
Credit: CiaoHo