What's For Dinner #65 - the Brand New New Year's Edition - January 2021

Burrito for lunch means free tortilla chips which led to chilaquiles for dinner. Made with jarred salsa. Freezer beans and scrambled eggs on the side.


We did take-out last night from a local kinda yuppie mini-chain Mex place that we normally don’t go to, but their Family Dinner rotisserie chicken and sides looked good, and I get to review it, and it was good! Lots of leftovers. Tonight, BF made tacos out of some of the them. Inspired by @gcaggiano’s BF, I made guac for us last night, oniony, chunky, and salty. Yum. BF made more tonight, his was a little smoother, still yum.


oh i love this! one of my favorites at the sushi bar.

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Truly extraordinary …

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Hah! While looking at your photos I was thinking ”These could be in a magazine”.

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They were published for a catalogue by my Dear. He has authored 45 books and is an author and professional photographer.

We did the plating …


Love the photos, nice composition.

I wanted to buy this pot a while ago, but it’s useless for me in ceramics… installation of gas is forbidden, we are using induction to cook. First time I saw a black version, always white.


February is here!


Thank you very much …

Yes, the wild salmon was simply exquisite steamed.

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Beautiful! That helps explain your discerning eyes.


Pretty colors & bowl @ChristinaM!

Ignore the subtitles… unless you don’t speak English. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve made this… it was delish! But! my gravy sure didn’t look like that. :yum:

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I like how you saved those chips and then put them to use! Other people may have tossed them after they’d had their fill. I also find myself repurposing things whenever I can. I don’t think I grew up this way, but it’s been a progression over the past decade. For instance, each fall, we typically upick apples, and a couple of months later, lots of them are starting to get squishy. Therefore juice. But that’s not the repurposing part. The repurposing is when I realized I didn’t have enough squishy apples left to get too much juice out, so I threw those into a freezer bag and then starting putting in peels and cores from other, newer apples, as we bake or slice them up at home. At some point, I’ll have a freezer bag full of some apples, some apple odds and ends. My husband says I must have lived through the great depression in another life. :slight_smile:


The last January weekend we had Indian takeout because people were over (outside, distanced - the only way we do it, but it’s been more than a month since the last).

I reentered the eating world with tandoori chicken and a samosa, plus lots of naan - this divey place makes the only legit naan around.

The next night I used some leftover naan for pizza, which I’ve been craving. A bit with (Rao’s)sauce and a bit white, sour cream, manchego, and parmesan - plus truffle salt after. Hit the spot.


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Thank you! That’s funny you mention the bowl because we just broke two and have only four left. I was debating buying more versus investing in dishes I like better (these are Ikea).


That’s a tough one. :slightly_smiling_face: Keep the four and buy the set you like, I guess. I really like that bowl! Lol.


LOL! For a long time, I have been wondering if we have the same bowls. Owned them for nearly 10 years. Actually I like them for daily usage, due to practical shape and size for my dishwasher. I like the form too and they are durable, unlike some of my better looking hand made dinner wares, with cracked glaze or non removable scratches.


Yes, I noticed, too :laughing:

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold