What's For Dinner #65 - the Brand New New Year's Edition - January 2021

Thanks, Y’all!


It was a grazing kind of day for me again yesterday. Still sticking with light eats overall, so trying to be creative.

Made some powha / poha earlier - beaten rice with onions and potatoes. Comfort food: usually breakfast or afternoon snack, but works for any meal at the moment.

Then it started POURING as I was making my afternoon / evening tea. And that is simply an invitation for any number of fried accompaniments - bhajiya, batata vada, samosa, you name it (remember there is an entire SEASON of rain in India, so foods go well with rain have been thoroughly vetted :rofl:).

BUT. Stomach. So I made batata vada mixture - my great aunt’s method, with lots of aromatics sautéed first, with mashed potatoes and some spices added in and well combined

I used my “ball pan” again to fake deep frying. Saved a bit of tea till the eats were done - because, combinations.

And that was dinner.


Whoa. Just WHOA! That is all amazing, and that bisque looks phenomenal!


Thanks @LindaWhit!

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You mentioned the bisque!

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I made turkey porcupine meatballs similar to these, but using crushed tomatoes, a bit of brown sugar and splash of red wine vinegar, and 1/4 c cream.

Served over leftover cauli-jasmine rice with leftover braised cabbage and steamed haricots with butter and TJ’s mushroom umami seasoning.


A mid-afternoon trip to WF had me gritting my teeth at those in the parking lot AND the aisles. Somehow I got in and out relatively unscathed.

Picked up some wild caught sockeye salmon while I was there and went with an easy recipe to try something different than my two usual recipes. It was good; just not a wow.

Rice pilaf and steamed asparagus alongside, plus wine.

And a pic of what has become a regular nightly occurrence with Alfie lying on top of Finn on the back of the couch for a brotherly nap. They are so weird.


My son’s request was chicken Murphy spicy with potato chips. I love my boy!! Ceasare salad and air fried coconut shrimp (failure) not pictured.


Grilled flatiron steak, seasoned with Joe Beef melange du boucher, baked yellow tater with TPSTOBASC y una ensalada de cesárea. There may have been a few Manhattans consumed before, during and after.


Peppers, guacamole, sour cream

Strip steak

With asparagus, pan roasted potato, Bearnaise


We enjoyed another outstanding dinner at Belford Bistro. Below is a link for details and pictures for those that might be interested.


The great northern beans I cooked Wednesday have turned perfectly creamy . Just the way I like them. Power out , the well was dow, snowed in . Back to normal. Love these beans . Cheers


Looks amazing!

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Perfect snowed in plate.

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Aww cute! My 2 females can’t stand each other. We’re like refs.

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Looks like it was worth the effort!

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Some dinners from this week…

Pan seared pork chops with apples and onions, with roasted potatoes:

Japanese chicken curry with pickle and rice:

Tonkatsu with stir-fried veggies, and rice:


Totally! But what a workout. :grimacing::sweat_drops: Upside is I still have about 1/2 qt in the freezer. Risotto?

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Extraordinary …

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More crab for lunch, and pasta making at sister’s today for dinner. Paired with miso marinated salmon and spinach sauteed with butter, garlic, cream, and parm.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold