What's For Dinner #65 - the Brand New New Year's Edition - January 2021

For the base of the soup, I riffed on the Ottolenghi curried lentil, tomato, and coconut soup. I made this soup on repeat late last winter, and after a making another soup based on a ginger turmeric broth I realized that sautéed onion, fresh ginger, curry powder, water, and coconut milk as a base could lead to numerous other combinations.

I may also infuse heat by adding a dried unbroken whole chile, like a Thai bird chile or a habanero, and fishing it out when the stew is done. I learned that tip in a virtual cooking class about Jamaican stew peas. Not necessary if I have hot curry powder, which I happen to have right now.


#2 is a real adv help.


I’ve used mine to make yogurt and steam eggs with good results, but I’ve not tried it in my stovetop pressure cooker, so I can’t compare. I usually do the yogurt overnight, and I can’t imagine leaving my pressure cooker on the stovetop overnight.

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Would it work not using the bleu at all or does it need something to help keep the stuffing together? Could I use another cheese? My husband is not a bleu cheese fan (putting it mildly!). Thanks.

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At first I thought the bleu was unnecessary since bacon and apples sounded good without it. However, during the cooking process, it really held together. When turning them over in the pan, not a single bit of stuffing fell out. Chilling it in the fridge also helped IMO.

As for another cheese, I’m sure you could use anything that you think would compliment bacon and apples. Maybe a shredded cheddar?



Oh, I forgot to add that I skipped the rosemary! We are not big fans.


I’m thinking Comte if I can’t find a mild bleu cheese.

Looks great. Where do the chickpeas come in?

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It’s a guessing game? :wink:

Thanks. I think cheddar might be nice. I’m also not a rosemary fan so I would leave it out.


This time I used canned chickpeas, so I simply added them to the pot when the sweet potatoes were almost cooked. I wanted the chickpeas to maintain their shape rather than use them to thicken.

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Lol, as the mom of a hockey player I use the puck analogy too.

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I still use canned chickpeas a lot too. I have a big bag of dried but haven’t been as successful cooking them as other legumes.

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It all sounds so good! The on top of bread version too! What is the dollop of yellow?

That’s the Amba. It’s sort of like a chutney and typically made with mangos. Some recipes specify green mangos while others call for ripe ones. I use whatever I have on hand. For this batch I had some overripe persimmons.

I use Adeena Sussman’s recipe as a guide.


The 2nd one is correct, Besciamella …

In Spanish, Besamel and French it is Bechamel.

SATURDAY. Since it was snowing throughout northern Spain and Central Spain, we decided to take the grandsons the 50 metres - 70 metres to the corner Pizzeria. We had the restaurant to ourselves. My sons and our daughter in laws and the grandsons – The team of Dennis the Menace …


Late start to the day.

Wegmans is more crowded at 2pm than it is before lunch.

I survived lousy cart drivers who think they can leave their carts and walk away to shop for what they want…blocking anyone else who wants access to the aisle or produce their cart is blocking.

Aisle cart clearing has become an art form. :wink:

But my visit provided dinner for tonight: seared sea scallops with saffron cream sauce, Israeli couscous, and steamed asparagus.

And wine. :wink:

And maybe some Giffords Sea Salt Caramel Truffle ice cream for afters.