What's for Dinner #64 - This Year's Almost Over, Thank Goodness! Edition - December 2020

One more month to go for what has been a crazy, tiring, frustrating and remote-from-everyone year. Let’s keep our fingers, toes, eyes and everything else crossed that, as we wind down 2020, our expectations for 2021 brings us hope that we’ll get back to a semblance of “normal” come January…or at least some time before Spring!

Holiday decorations are out all over the place around me. That can mean lights on balconies or trees in a yard, those big inflatable characters on lawns, lighted deer who nod their heads to eat the grass on lawns, and whatever else strikes the homeowners’ fancies. Neighborhoods compete for who has the most lights. While decorating doesn’t happen in my house anymore, it brings a smile to my face to see how others like to spread and share the joy of the season.

Shopping is being done virtually. And hopefully the caring about others and giving to charities ramps up online (today is Giving Tuesday!) to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

Thinking about those we’ve lost, thinking about those we miss because we’re separated by sickness, and hugging those who we can be near. Feeding them is a wonderful way to show love.

So - whatcha cooking, good looking(s)? Share the food love here.


A family of Sagittarians ! Almost all of us were born in December … So, we had a tiny celebration with some amazing Champagne, Caviar, Fresh Oysters on the half shell and Basque King Crab …


Here is Spanish National and Local Holiday Week …
December 4th - Saint Barbara (Coast of Levante, Alicante, Murcia)
December 5th - Christmas decorations go up on the city and town´s streets …
December 6th - Constitution Day - the 1st .
December 8th - Saint Immaculate - of the Military. Parades in The Capital of Madrid however, they were cancelled …

None the less, in homes Christmas decorations are done this coming weekend. The “puente” = long weekend or the long bridge is from 6th - 9th December.

All our best wishes during these challenging times and stay well.


Happy December birthdays, @Barca!


What a magnificent way to celebrate! Happy December Birthdays! Enjoy the holidays and stay safe.


Hi all—I have been lurking but not posting recently, in a semi-successful attempt to catch up with processing/freezing a bounty of late fall vegetables.

So here’s a taste of what I have been up to.

First, a blue Hubbard squash galette with goat cheese. On top is a layer of caramelized onions that I spiked with Aleppo pepper. In a first for me, I made the crust with whole wheat pastry flour.

Next up is blackback flounder beside lots of sautéed farm spinach with mushrooms.


Pizza continues to happen here nearly every week. Moved all cooking indoors now that night falls before dinnertime. This is an olive oil pizza with roasted pear, caramelized onions, fancy cheese, and prosciutto. The pie got a drizzle of balsamic vinegar to finish.


I want to celebrate with you! You know how to party! Happy birthdays!


@paryzer & @tomatotomato

Thank you for the lovely birthday wishes.

We had a lovely light lunch at our flat (apartment) and enjoyed the day.

Lovely dishes as always and all my kindest regards.


Happy birthday!

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I made creamy green turkey chili with butternut squash and black and pinto beans.


Easting from our freezer tonight. A small spinach feta pie along with a carton of Pacifica Roasted Red Pepper Tomato soup. I like to shake the carton out with some half & half so we have cream soup. Can’t get any easier. I’ve been under the weather and haven’t eaten anything at all today.



Feel better soon!

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Yes, feel better soon @retrospek! Also, that Pacifica soup is a favorite! I make mine by sautéing a minced shallot in OO until soft, adding 1-2 teaspoons of smoked paprika and cook until the spice blooms. Then add the soup, and either a splash of Amontillado Sherry and sour cream, or fraiche or a bit of cream. So good, especially with grilled cheese! Hope you’re better soon and regain your appetite.


Turmeric ginger turkey soup, inspired by a friend’s version. Plus spinach and a whole unbroken dried Thai chili added to the pot for a whisper of spicy.



Sorry to hear that you aren’t feeling well today, @retrospek. Hope you’re feeling better soon.


Pork shoulder steaks in onion sage gravy (really just a very intense reduction of white vermouth and ultra rich duck stock) and Brussels sprouts gratin. Not the most photogenic dishes but marvelously satisfying.


I ordered a few more home cooked meals from my Chef friend. Tonight I enjoyed Thai pork and noodle stir fry. Mrs. P added some roasted mini peppers.


Feliz Cumpleanos :birthday:

Feel better! Those pies look amazing!


Bucatini and meatballs (meatballs and sauce made/froze a couple weeks ago.) and baguettes! I made them with bread flower this time, per the recipe, and they turned out so tender! And I’m not sure if it was the flour, or because my dough was a bit stickier/wetter this time (I wanted them a little less crispy this time, at the BF’s request), but whatever, they were fab and chewy. I personally like them crunchier, but it’s all good.