What's For Dinner #62 - the Spookalicious Edition - October 2020

It’s been on sale here in SoCal for the past month or two, which makes me think it’s been plentiful.

I don’t usually buy (or order) swordfish, but it was very good made last week as both fish tikka (quick marinade and then on the grill) and just simply pan-fried with s&p and olive oil.

(I’ll admit I’m wary of sous vide fish after mushy salmon as one of my very first sous vide experiences.)


(In Napoli where love is king
When boy meets girl here’s what they say)
When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie
That’s amore…

Amore night with some homemade pies:
Grandma with fresh tomatoes buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil - White pie with fresh basil later drizzled with hot honey and a meatball and ricotta. Pretty darn good!


Small (mini?) square Le Creuset bakers. Purchased at Home Goods, so not at an astronomical dollar amount.

Dijon herb crusted salmon for the kids, swordfish with a roasted red pepper, smoked paprika, garlic treatment. Sides were garlicky new potatoes and roasted carrots, crispy brussels.

Happy weekend, All.


Time to start stocking the freezer with soups for easy and filling work lunches.

First up, because someone mentioned barley in a food thread somewhere and it got me craving this soup that Mom used to enjoy, was beef-barley-veg soup.

I used several large cut-up beef tips from Market Basket, carrots, onion, potatoes, barley, (and peas added in the last minute). A tetrapak of culinary beef stock and a Tbsp of tomato paste, a bay leaf, some dried oregano, dried thyme, and s/p made up the rest of the ingredients.

A crusty roll with TPSTOB and wine alongside.


I like :laughing:


I made Smitten Kitchen’s “essential Bolognese” but doubled the recipe, used half ground pork, and added a can of pureed stewed tomatoes. Served over papardelle. Lots of happy sighs and slurps at the table. Kale salad with Granny Smith apple, currants, and candied almonds as the side.


We had another outstanding dinner at Il Nido in Marlborough Township, NJ.
We enjoyed and awesome salumi board; scallop crudo; homemade taccozelle pasta with veal poularde ragu, two rivers mushrooms, burgundy truffle, Navelli saffron, and pecorino; crispy branzino, and 72 hour Wagyu short ribs. It all went great with an excellent 2005 Syrah and French wine blend.


Jump up and kiss me!!

You must eat from your leftovers for a number of meals. I can’t imagine consuming the food you post in your beautiful photographs. It blows my mind.


Can’t give up on summer yet. Pesto spaghetti with a cherry tomato relish. These are the last of the garden tomatoes. I had to take the plants down because we have neither sun nor warmth anymore.


probably less chance of mushiness with swordfish, since it’s so meaty to begin with…

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BF’s boss gifted me this gorgeous Mauviel fry pan just because the BF mentioned how much cooking I’ve been doing during the shut-down. I’m not worthy! But thrilled, nonetheless! Broke it in tonight with sauteed shitakes (super crispy) and then a reverse-seared, bone-in rib eye. Frisee/shallot salad with a dijon vinaigrette, and the BF made onion rings!


that pasta looks sinful!

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Pot roast tonight (which I had actually planned for a change and ordered meat for earlier in the week) with an arugula and garden tomato salad to start and truffled mashed potatoes and warm homemade baguette to go with.

Looked up some instant pot recipes for timings and things but ended up experimenting on the actual ingredients. Took longer to cook than I expected (organic chuck roast from WF) but on checking again, that’s how long some of the recipes actually called for (1h20).

Onion, carrots, tomato paste, red wine, vermouth (it was expensive red wine other people were still drinking so I needed something additional), mushroom bouillon, beef stock (actually beef juice frozen from prior sous vide cooking), fish sauce, soy sauce. Reduced the sauce at the end after.

Then I took out the beef (carefully), pureed the disintegrating onions and carrots to thicken the sauce, added dry-pan-roasted mushrooms, more quartered red onion, and more carrots and cooked them for a few minutes before putting the beef back in.

Just lovely for a Sunday night dinner, and not that much work.

The vegetarians had mexican and cuban - kids had quesadillas, beans and rice (freezer), and roasted veg (leftover); adult had the leftovers of those plus cuban-style fried plantains and mojo as taught to us by one of the kids’ friends’ parents a few weeks ago. I had some of that too - so yummy!


(Almost) midnight tostadas!


Yes, we like to order a few things off the menu for a taste, but there are usually plenty of leftovers from the weekend to eat on Monday, Tuesday, and sometimes even Wednesday. Then it is back to cauliflower steaks until the weekend :slightly_smiling_face:


I have been pan-roasting it lately and have been super happy with that method. Oven on at 375 (not convection). Melt butter on medium high till it foams, sauté about 3 minutes, flip, sauté another minute, then into oven. At an inch thick it’s perfect in 8 minutes.


Thanks! It’s “on sale” at about $18.00/ pound at Nugget Market right now. I might try a piece for me, and tuna salad for my “roommates” ( husband and adult daughter).


Sì sì sì, right gift for a fab chef! Great bosssss! Those onion rings!!!

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold