What's For Dinner #61 - the Back to (Home) School Edition - Sept. 2020

Your pasta looks delicious!
I make a clam sauce and it’s simply tons of minced garlic and a whole bunch of parsley (I use leaves only) lightly fried in olive or cooking oil. Then add a little water or beer and the clams.
The fried parsley is the spice in this simple sauce. No one ever thinks of fried parsley as a spice, but it’s the secret ingredient in this ridiculously easy sauce.
The clams let off lots of juice and I serve all over a bowl of pasta.
Our favorite clams are New England steamers, but Costco often carries bags of Littlenecks which are almost as good.


That sounds like an excellent solution for the “too much butter” issue, because the clam juice provides the sauce and moisutre. Would you say your recipe is like a Vongole, but with extra parsley?

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Last night I made gazpacho served up with ultra-crispy chicken thighs that I marinated in mayo and porter mustard and roasted over a mix of Castelvetrano olives, new potatoes, shallot, and garden tomatoes tossed with fresh parsley, thyme, rosemary and tossed with rosé wine, chicken broth, and olive brine. I served that with gratuitous extra carb - aged Gouda Israeli couscous and leftover kale salad. I made the exact same meal for my neighbor friends except swapping tomato-cucumber salad in garlicky Greek oregano vinaigrette for the kale. And I included a bottle of pinot noir, chocolates, and a bag of gummy bears :laughing:


That thigh looks amaaaaazing!

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Grilled marinated boneless thigh/leg meat, spaghetti squash an a nice viogner


Sandwich night. Because I’ve never been able to photograph sandwiches well enough, here they are before hitting the griddle: ham, brie, fig jam, and arugula on farmhouse white bread.

I also prepped some garlic butter for dinner at a friend’s house tomorrow night (BF is baking bread to go with it). A much-needed diversion that I’m thankful for (grandma is not doing well and is in the hospital).


I feel like a total failure. We had Marie Callendar’s chicken pot pies last night. :sleepy:


I love chicken pot pies. I think I’ll get a couple of them for tomorrow night.

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Dearborn Ham Steak came up in the rotation for dinner last night, so Mo Weber and I did the grill Tango. I fear there aren’t too many late afternoons left for us to meet up this year. :pensive:

Diced up a few Michigan Yellow Skin potatoes, bell pepper, banana pepper and onion for the go-with:


You’ve made me feel better. I think I’m cheating making pot pie with refrigerated pastry! grin

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May your grandmother have a fast recovery.


We have plenty of those nights, too. Having pre-school available has been a game changer.

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on my way!

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I hope your grandmother makes a speedy recovery. so worrisome, especially in these times.


Another Italian ristorante of interest.
My Dear had the meat. And I had the risotto with the daily catch.
I cannot eat Gelatto (cow milk intolerance). However, could not resist a photograph !


I love that presentation! So cute

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Dinner from past couple nights.


It’s been a VERY long couple of weeks.

A “reduction in force” layoff was done this past Monday for 11 of my company’s employees due to a severe decline in revenue because of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Wasn’t fun. Still isn’t. Never easy to deal with a RIF.

So I decided I’m taking off Friday and Monday. And I’m going to Maine for several days with my sister and BIL, heading up noontime on Friday.

And yes, there will be wine, hopefully in front of a bonfire, as it’s going to be cold up there. If not a bonfire, in front of one of their two wood stoves. I’m bringing pound cake with peaches and blackberries soaked in Cuarenta y Tres for dessert. I’ll make whipped cream up there, unless Sis has vanilla ice cream.

The boyz will have to fend for themselves with just dry crunchies and water until Sunday evening. They’ll be suffering SO much. I know I’ll hear all about it when I get home. :roll_eyes::smile:

So dinner tonight was easy-peasy: grilled provolone & proscuitto sandwich, potato chips, and wine.

And the pound cake…It’s killing me not to slice a piece right now. LOL


Sorry to hear - reductions are always a stressful time.

That dinner and the pound cake e making me crave them… watch this spot :joy:

Enjoy your break! The leaves must be starting to turn… :heart_eyes:

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I turned leftover smoked chicken into creamy bacon-ranch sandwiches. With salad.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold