What's For Dinner #54 - The Leap Month Edition - February 2020

Swordfish is one on my favorites but only fresh, never frozen whichcan make it a little harder to find. Freezing really seems to degrade the texture. Luckily I live near the ocean among commercial fishing boats so usually have good access.

It is one of the “meatiest” fishes. I usually cook most fish very minimally but I find swordfish needs to be cooked through.


Procrastination earlier in the week meant a day full of cooking today…

Dropping off food for my friend’s kid who has been flying solo and has another week to go.

Pan-fried chicken gyoza - didn’t take a pic. And ziti with meatballs - Hazan-ish sauce using the PC to speed it up, frozen meatballs pressure cooked later in some of the sauce.

Banana bread with chocolate chunks - snacking before standardized tests is key :smiley: (that orange olive oil cake is going as well).

Early dinner of some leftivet pasta and a meatball. Heading out for drinks and late snacks with a friend after I drop the food off.


Was at WF this afternoon picking up some Amazon Prime items on sale, and also got some large shrimp.

So it was shrimp on lemon-pepper tagliatelle with asparagus alongside for dinner tonight.

And wine. DUH.


What lucky friends!

Tonight was Aidell’s chicken teriyaki meatballs (meh, average) with brown rice with peas and edamame, stir-fried cabbage with ginger, jalapeño, and garlic, all drizzled with miso-soy-mirin-brown sugar sauce from Dinner a Love Story.


We. had another excellent dinner at Bloom in Verona, NJ. They just received an excellent 3 star review from NJ Monthly. Below is a link to details, pictures, and the review.


Good winter comfort food here. A dijon-garlic roasted eye round with mushroom gravy (a splash of sweet vermouth added!). Side of mashed potatoes.

The meat came out close to medium-well, so overcooked in my book. But the gravy was awesome.


I absolutely HATE spaghetti–it was Monday night supper the entire time I lived at my parents. I haven’t made spaghetti since I moved out some 40 years ago. However, that is one of the sauces my Dad can make. I used his leftover sauce to make pizza. Can’t seem to get the pic in, sorry.

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Why don’t you like spaghetti. Just asking.

At my sister’s tonight. I made us Snake River Wagyu-style beef tenderloin pieces with criminis. Seared in butter & olive oil, with crushed garlic cloves and fresh thyme. So friggin tender it could make you cry.


that fish looks perfect!

There are so many other things to eat. I ate my fill of spaghetti growing up. As an adult, I don’t have to eat it.

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Lucky friend’s kid! I’m flying solo for the next few days and LOVE gyoza and ziti and banana bread…

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Thanks @mariacarmen - I’ll pass on your compliment to H!

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Amazon Prime movies all day, and a classic Sunday dinner tonight.

Roast chicken with s/p and a smidge of lemon juice, mashed sour cream & chive potatoes, and peas with sauteed mushrooms.

And wine for fortification for the impending work week. And because it’s still the weekend.


Shrimp and veggie korma, leftover rice, and DH’s homemade naan.

The kiddo was a disaster because we had ice cream at 4:30pm. Learned our lesson.


The bit of rigatoni and meatballs that wouldn’t fit in the kid’s box yesterday, with some of he homemade focaccia from last week . Might need to dig in the fridge later.


Naan looks great! Yeast or yogurt recipe?

His actually called for both. It was a bit ester-y - still looking to dial it in. Got a fave?

I don’t often make naan at home, more likely chapati and paratha (naan is eaten out, even in India).

I eat it so rarely at home that I’m more likely to buy it when I do want it - I like the frozen garlic naan at TJ, or for plain I get it from a restaurant.

I’m curious, though. A cousin just uses pizza dough - either homemade or from the store - on a cast iron pan.