What's for Dinner #53 - the Start of the New Decade Edition - January 2020

2020…it seemed like “The Future” when we were kids. One in which we would be “so old”. And yet here we are. But where are the flying cars? :wink:

And so begins a new decade. One I hope is better and brighter for all of us.

So what furutisitic dinners are you going to be cooking?


NO flying cars please, we have more than enough flying monkeys! :wink:
I have signed up for a few cooking classes throughout the new year. My bride promises less work, more travel :pray::crossed_fingers:.

We start 2020 off with a boatload of freezer leftovers and some dinner invitations now that the holiday buzz has simmered.


The electric scooters, overboard and bikes on the side walk is already a mess in big cities, no idea the sky will be like with flying cars.


Thanks for tagging @naf. Still haven’t figured that out on my phone.

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Yeah, I was going to say cars on the road are bad enough. Adding them to the skies, what with drones already having too many near misses with planes, would be a disaster!


First meal of the decade was a kale salad for lunch following a morning with zero hint of hangover. I then capped off the afternoon with a jog (didn’t feel like hitting the gym).

Currently making a homemade pizza. A meatless and booze-less start to the year it shall be.


Mrs. P also made pizza but it wasn’t meatless :slightly_smiling_face: She made a spicy Andouille sausage pizza. We haven’t had pizza in a while. It went great with an excellent cabernet.


Quiet day. Simple dinner…pork tenderloin seasoned with olive oil and Penzeys Tsardust Memories seasoning, and roasted in the oven. Drizzled with apple cider syrup. Sides were roasted Herbs de Provence potatoes and green beans. A glass of wine.


Asparagus, Meyer lemon sauce

Bastardized pasta e fagioli

House made foccacio


Quiet day at home. Never got out of our jammies. :shushing_face:
Had a latte for breakfast, then needed to use up some frig leftovers for lunch. Spread out some sourdough pizza dough, topped with left over potato dauphinois, bacon, and rosemary. We both thought this was really good. Tonight is Thai delivery.


And this would be my homemade pizza. Half cherry peppers, with onion and garlic throughout. We also heated up a mushroom flatbread from Aldi that we did not consume during NYE last night. Mine was better.


New years resolution : Buy pizza dough from the local bakery . Cut 20 mins off my cooking time . I’m at a snail’s pace .
Pizza dough I bought today. Let it rise hour and a half and shape.
Clam pizza . Clams from the shell , pecorino , mozzarella, garlic , and oo

Tomato and mozzarella. Topped with Agostino Recca anchovies after cooking. I enjoyed both . Couple of adjustments and good to go . Wine to drink .


First brunch of the decade was cheese on toast followed by a slice of pecan pie.
First dinner of the decade was my first pizza made from homemade dough, and black eyed peas, based on a recipe @Rooster posted on the black eyed pea thread, omitting the bacon/sausage/collards and adding bell pepper. https://www.africanbites.com/black-eyed-peas-recipe/


Today we had our traditional New Year’s Day tapas style dinner with the kids: edamame, crudités, cheese board, Brie tartlets with apricot jam, crab cakes, pigs in blankets, bacon wrapped dates, cheese crusted olives, roasted cauliflower and crunchy chickpeas, coconut shrimp. image


Looks beautiful and sounds wonderful. What a great tradition @MAH!


It was a dish that didn’t make it on the Christmas menu. A recipe by chef Shinichi Sato of restaurant Passage 53.

Actually it was quite delicious and simple: half of cauliflower thinly shaved with mandolin and marinated with hazelnut oil (originally asked for almond oil). The other half cooked in salted water and mixed with some milk to become purée. Squid cooked in a hot pan. Served. Couldn’t believe we each ate half a cauliflower!! Orange wine from Greece wasn’t bad at all.


Tried a beginner version for dinner…I used store bought a stack of Chinese dumpling rounds and made my first batch. I did not crimp to seal. I just sealed them closed and then steamed in bamboo box and pan fried. The filling was I a few raw chicken tenders in the fp along with scallion, garlic, ginger and toasted sesame oil and a touch of corn starch. Made a hoisin dip. Very simple but the chicken was tender and no bursts.

Light Green salad with lemon and hot green tea.



Wow, I want to eat in your family!

DH made seabass with lime, chilies, and fish sauce from Norman Musa’s “Amazing Malaysian.” He ended up hating the fish - too fishy - and having leftover adobo instead. I took one for the team - this would be great with cod or salmon. Sides were miso-butter corn and quinoa.