What's for Dinner #50 - The Spooky-licious Edition - Oct 2019

We had another excellent dinner at Drew’s. Details and pictures in the link below.


Frittata fail. Too much filling. Not enough egg. Coulda used a mayo binder too.

I won’t fault the taste tho, it was delicious.


Inspired by the 5 potatoes that came in my farm box, and the need to deliver food tomorrow, I made a huge batch of baked potato soup. Sautéed onions, peeled chopped potatoes, chicken stock, salt, and tons of pepper. Blend and reheated with a touch of milk and sour cream. We Topped ours with cheddar cheese, bacon, sour cream, thyme, and pickled shallots. Wine to drink.


I’m being awful at not taking pictures. It was a fall in the PNW dinner for sure. Risotto made with an assortment of mushrooms from the FM today, and a riff on Melissa Clark’s (Dinner) pork scallopini with apples and sage. Riff because I roasted a whole tenderloin, and then just sliced it and set it on the bed of apples. Pretty tasty!! I am so glad my younger kid decided he likes mushrooms again. We had a dry spell.


My ex used to say that anything worth eating was messy. It works in this application!

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Assume you mean black (whole) urad dal, which I’ve only seen at indian stores.

You can substitute black/brown/green lentils (whole masoor dal) in the recipe - they take less time to cook (if you want them to stay distinct).

Pickles shallots sound like a great counterpoint!

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All true. But I’m with you on the crispy salmon skin. So, skin side up it is. Question: that means you put the mayo on the skin side and let it melt down?

Yes, exactly. Maybe I’ll hit one today while we are out. I’ve been thinking about the black dal I had in London and really wanted that!!!

Amazon has black urad (for a little extra).


I spaced and didn’t realize you were talking about this recipe! I do this one skin side down: the sauce helps keep the fish moist. I do skin side up with broiling. This recipe I use Pyrex, so no broiling. But you could try it skin up and report back!

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Have you tried a blowtorch? Here is a neat video I just found while looking at some salmon recipes.


That’s funny. At least the skin stayed put. Yum. Why the face? Who in the house doesn’t like bones? :slightly_smiling_face:

There are two of us and it’s not me. He doesn’t like dark meat (chicken :face_with_hand_over_mouth:), and doesn’t usually like the skin either, unless it’s crisp. That means starting with bone in, skin on, and adjusting. The face is me adjusting.


Nice enhancing!

Yep, I recently had chicken & dumplings that looked like a cross between @ChristinaM’s and your photo. It was sooo good, but threw me off because I grew up with the belt unbuckling, big, round, starchy Bisquick dumplings in thick gravy soup. :grimacing:


You’ve got your hands full in the kitchen with that one. :wink: But I’ve seen worse. We have a beloved friend who has a bone phobia. If he accidentally comes across a bone his wife cuts the meat off for him. We don’t even eat or order meat with bones around him. Well… I mean some of us don’t. My husband acts completely oblivious to his plight. :smile:


We grew up in the same house.


And I was your neighbor. Feeding us tv dinners was a risk my mother took against a very you make stove food crowd. And we loved her for it! Also the Jiffy Pop!


Oh no, we were in prototypical 70’s suburbia. It was Swansons, Bisquick, Hamburger Helper, Frozen Vegetable, Jiffy Pop country! But Ma was a good cook, so we didn’t get to indulge a lot. This was, of course, before she burned her bra, moved to an island and we started eating things like Alfalfa Sprout Sandwiches, Brown Rice & Miso Soup.