What's for Dinner #50 - The Spooky-licious Edition - Oct 2019

And I grew up with chicken noodle soup with fluffy canned biscuits steamed on the top. Need to try that again - it’s been prob 10+ years.


Never knew of this treatment. Worth a try. Many thanks!

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Patriots win on a crappy, rainy fall day to go to 8-0. Yup. I’m good with that!

Knowing the impending rainy weather yesterday, I was hoping to find something appropriate at Hannaford yesterday, and Bazinga! There were chuck roasts on sale. :heart:

So Mom’s Lemon Pot Roast was on the menu, with boiled tri-colored baby potatoes and carrots.

An amazing red blend that I think I got at World Market awhile back used in the pot roast and in the glass.

And an Apple Cinnamon Streusel Cake that didn’t release from the bundt pan. So I get 1/4 of the cake to enjoy with vanilla ice cream, and work will get 3/4.



Bone in pork chops became the default Sunday dinner because I didn’t like any of the other choices. Found a can of mixed fruit to crown them with, and slow baked em. Canadian yellow spuds were the go-with.


We had another sensational dinner at Ammata Thai. Below is a link to the details and pictures.


Trying pork loin again.

This time with Aji Amarillo paste!

Still haven’t mastered removing silver skin without removing the fatcap. This time I removed it, did the marinade, then put the fatcap back on.

Thermometer read 110 F when I took this picture.

Maybe 120 F.

Last temp, about 15 minutes later, was 140. I can’t imagine waiting to pull it higher.


Thanks @ccj for explaining your process for this.

Okay, I hate to bother you again. :blush: But this is the 2nd time you’ve posted your Beef Noodles. They look so good! Can you give some info?

That’s a handy BF to have.

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Bad air quality from all the fires, so terrible, won’t use the bbq… Wanted pork ribs, so made some in the Instant Pot, finished with a bit of sugar free bbq sauce. This is DH plate with roasted new potatoes…


I commend you both. My husband loves Mole and I frequently doctor up ones I get from stores or markets. But I’ve put Mole from scratch on the “When I retire” list. It’s so complex and the recipes I come across and like require ALL day. Not happening right now.

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Okay, gotcha’. I used Pyrex too.

Thanks @corvette_johnny. I’ve been thinking about buying a little torch. Anyway, just bought some Coho. TBC…

Always save the bones

I have at least a dozen pint containers of chicken stock in the freezer.


We finally had an “Oktoberfest” meal last night: chicken schnitzel, noodles, mushroom gravy.


:grin:… We lost her young too. But she was hella’ fun while we had her.

Oh yeah, I forgot about Tang… and Space Food Sticks. Childhood foods might be a fun thread. Especially, with this board being so international. It’d be interesting.


I belong to that guilty generation. But we were (brainwashed?) led to believe that these new, “scientific” foods were good for you. I mean, we were feeding them to our guys in space! And frozen kiddy TV dinners at least had “splats”: of the three food groups: protein albeit usually fried, greens, probably peas, and starch, mashed potato with ersatz butter.
And don’t forget that evilest of evils, Hi-C, touted as nutritious and probably more sugar than Coke.
Our son, who was fed this trash in his early years feeds his kids fruits and veggies as snacks, and they drink either skim milk or water. The pendulum swings.


I made japchae with marinated baked tofu. It was a hit.


I haven’t a clue what this is, but set me a place, please.


Yumm. We had Korean for lunch last weekend, and I ordered japchae knowing it was too much and we would “have” to take it home. I was so excited for my lunch the next day - until I realized my leftovers never made it home from the restaurant. :cry: