What's for Dinner #49 - the Falling Leaves Edition - Sept 2019

Yes, usually I buy it at Costco too, but I forgot today so I had to get the larger container from Restaurant Depot. They had three brands of peeled garlic, one from China, one from Spain, and then the same California stuff that Costco has. I decided to try the Spanish one today, and it was very good - very few bruised or marred cloves. The flavor is spicy and assertive when raw but the confit cloves are like candy. Very happy with this brand.

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what do. you mean by confit cloves?
I will not buy any garlic from China
Have not tried the Spanish ones.
Costco is far enough for me, used to go to Restaurant Depot long time ago when I worked in DC.

Sunday evening appetizer. Garden tomato , Agostino Recca anchovies , Parmigiano reggiano , bread with a Tuscan olive oil . Wine to drink . Cheers.


We had another spectacular dinner at Ammata Thai. Below is a link to details and pictures.


I just meant the ones I cooked in olive oil. I roast them at a low temperature mostly submerged in oil, the same way you would make duck confit.

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that pizza looks marvy!



that chickie is a beaut!

i LURVVVE Sancerre…

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Italian Pork Roast - overcooked but still super juicy and pink! TJs loin roast surprised me. Rubbed with olive oil and TPST of chopped garlic, fennel/rosemary and a little thyme, s&p, then sat in the fridge for 9 hours. Broccolini with slivered garlic, big-ass buttered COTC (summer’s almost over! :sob:), and TJs mini peppers - charred and drizzled with evoo, red wine vinegar, and more garlic.

After helping feed and clean up after 80+ goats this a.m. (whole herd is back from jobs), BF & I had our usual fries brunch. Once home, I made a giant pot of 3 hour meat sauce for the BF for when i’m gone, split into containers and frozen. Also, another big batch of Nigel Slater tomatoes, but this time with mini peppers too.

and a couple of goats, for the hell of it.


There was a goat I named Todd . Living in rural Santa Cruz he would just cruise in the house and hang out.


i love that story!

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Your pic of the goats wins the day.


Past few nights, the mister wanted meat. So we ended up eating steaks, ribs and beers. This week shall be a detox week - more fishes and vegetables, lesser red meat.

Tonight’s dinner.
Nabe with buri sashimi (yellowtail). Recipe calls for buri, enoki, negi (leek), abura-age (deep fried tofu puffs), and mizuna (Japanese mustard greens). Couldn’t find any mizuna in the supermarket. Replaced with spinach instead. And white rice to go with the soup.


thanks, that is how I cook my garlic. Then I package them individually and freeze them. Now, even if Costco does not have available garlic ( or if theirs is not fresh(, I do not panic.

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Lovely apples …

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What a great daughter… and sister.


Great job! I :heart: the pooch snap!

Edit: just noticed the fig newtons. Double great job!


Very nice. Did you sop up some of that broth with the generously buttered bread?

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Shrimp fajitas last night!


Oh yea

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