What's for Dinner #48 - the Drippy, Droopy, Doggy Days of Summer - August 2019

friends LIVING THERE!!


But yes, i’m VERY POPULAR.


Lechon and patties in Suisun… . well it’s what’s for lunch, but I’m so excited.

Oops! No picture of the patty, but it was from frozen from Bklyn.


miss crispy lechon


I ate it with my hands sitting in my car in the parking lot.


This looks nice, do you have a recipe? Now you reminded me that we have the Thai Cuisine of the Quarter, I will try to buy go to the Asian grocery this weekend!

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That’s a great compliment. :blush: Thanks!

Wow, that could take hours! Who won?

Duck fat potatoes! :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve used that method with chicken. Good idea about pre-cooking. Will do.

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Pan tomaca is served for breakfast at every bar in Spain & uncountable homes surely too …

Not a tapa …

i find it very interesting that foreigners really like it …

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Moi :slight_smile:

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Ah! In the Philippines, Lechon ( whole suckling pig is best ) is typically served with a sauce called Sarsa. That is roasting the pig’s liver, then making the sauce with cider vinegar, bread crumbs , garlic, shallots, etc cooked very slowly in open fire . The day after, left over lechon meat is added to the sarsa, cooked slowly with more garlic and cider vinegar until the sauce permeate the meat which is fantastic. You can buy bottled sarsa from Asian store, do not know how good they are
When I used to make lemon here in this country, I only use pork belly and cook it until crisp with turbo boiler after preboiling it and I do sometimes make sarsa using liverwurst or liver pate from Lyon ( the best). Most of t he time, for just a slab, I short cut the sauce with just my usual dip of soy sauce, cider vinegar, garlic and crush red pepper.
There were times for special occasion we would order a suckling pig, keep it for a month fed with corn then roast it on open fire. But that was long time ago when both Bill and I were practicing and had party for our crew .
I can see you dripping grease but having a great time!


Stored bought duck neck terrain with fois gras and red wine

Mezzi bombardoni with foie gras and morel - with duck fat and “not enough” cream

Eating out at a Greek place near home on Tuesday. A year ago we had a good meal, unfortunately this one was quite bland.

Smoked eel

Plancha prawns with a salsa

Squid, eggplant and tomato

Lamb pita with over cooked fries

Yesterday: filet of wild salmon with crispy skin, stored bought asparagus burrata raviolis, with home grown cherry tomatoes.


I made dirty rice with the addition of the trinity, shredded homegrown zucchini, and lean ground beef. Tomato-pepper salad with thyme balsamic dressing, okra with smoked sausage, and buttered asparagus alongside.


Like suckling pig, but who did the killing? After a month, it would be tough to separate.

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Wait! What?? …This site is unbelievable.

Ahh! I see containers of sauce. Might not be something I would try after having it sit all day in a classroom. Hmmmm.

Honestly? Your home cooked meals look more delicious than the restaurant meals. Nice job.


Love dirty rice.

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Sure. Recipe for grilled beef rolls. Enjoy!