What's for Dinner #48 - the Drippy, Droopy, Doggy Days of Summer - August 2019

Otherwise known as “Please Dear Deity In The Sky, When Are My Kids Going Back to School?” month by the parents on the HO board. :wink:

(Was waiting to see if anyone else would create a new thread for the WFD crowd; and didn’t see one, so figured I’d start another.)

What’s cookin’, good lookins, and keep cool, ya fools! :wink:



" When Are My Kids Going Back to School?"

Hmmm…I totally get it, and work with said parents every day, but at the same time, I am thinking "almost time to see my kids again! "

We are meeting up in Turkey for sons wedding reception, and our annual Mediterranean exploits, this time incl DIL!
It’s all good.


Have a GREAT time!


Thank you! Still almost two months away, but looking forward to it.


Grilled s&p salmon, truffled risotto, and roasted pattypan squash.


Long day.
Late dinner.

Lemon-Pepper Chicken from my local butcher.
Not enough lemon or pepper, even after augmenting with additional lemon juice, pepper, salt.

But still good.

Rice pilaf and corn & peas. And definitely wine. I enjoyed a nice French white Bordeaux: 2016 Clos des Lune ‘La Petite’ Blanc.


@LindaWhit that’s such an adorable dog photo!!

I’ve been diligently researching the best plantain chips lately.

These were meh, needed more salt somehow and were more hard than crunchy crispy if that makes sense.

These were the clear winner between the two and certainly packed some garlicky flavor.

Uninspired chopped stuff in a bowl meal #3,206 over here, cucumbers, olives, hominy, kimchi, spiced salt mix and some kimchi vinaigrette

I had picked up these smoky tempeh strips because I’m not making my own in the oven any time soon, cooked in a pan and just ate them standing in the kitchen :joy: only posting a photo for @TheLibrarian since they’re a great easy vegan thing, certainly more beautiful in the package photo.
The brand Lightlife also makes a version and theirs is better. People compare it to bacon but i always hated bacon a lot, it’s just a good smoked soy flavor tempeh that gets crisp when you cook in the pan.


Today’s score at the 99 Cents Only store was Ile de France brie in the little round balsa wood container (12 of them.) Not brie I would serve guests but fine as an ingredient for a weeknight dinner. We’re working on some projects so I thought small, snacky things would work well. I’m going to put a cube of brie in each phyllo cup, a shrimp on top and spoon in some tomato jam I made today and pop ‘em in the toaster oven. Also on the platter will be artichokes, crackers, pickled things, olives, etc. It’ll do the trick.


ooh, i need more white Bordeaux in my life…


freezer pull of last week’s chicken curry dal, this time with tomatoes, zuke and cuke salad. More of the Indian stuffed chilis and groundnut chaat to go with. Good stuff.



Vegetable frittata. Goat cheese , zucchini from the garden with blossoms , tomato , onion , parsley . Wine to drink . Cheers :wine_glass:


My version of Fancy and beautiful tomato salad

But I wanted to use more than the recommended amount of…

lemon —you want about ½ tsp. zest (it’s easiest to measure if you hold the Microplane upside down so that the zest collects on top and you can scoop it into the measuring spoon). Grate ½ garlic clove ."

I followed directions.

1/2 tsp zest and 1/2 garlic clove seemed sort of disrespectful; to sacrifice a lemon or a garlic clove, and only use 1/2 tsp. I made more than I used.

Maybe this is the time to use preserved, frozen, dried, granulated, dehydrated, whatever…I have all of that.

Also I made Zàatar!

And I added…

The dreaded “it-must-be-Monday” grilled salmon, and Israeli feta.

“Eat fast for crunchy chips or let sit for a crispy-gone-soggy experience”

I LOVE Israeli feta cheese. Why do I love this? Husband says it’s “milk and salt”. That could be it. Or CREAM and salt.


Mazel Tov on the wedding, and please take lots of pictures of all of the libations and food!


Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday, dear meeee. Happy birthday to me.

Last night’s trip to the theatre was the actual “celebration”, so a low key dinner tonight. Still subject to change, but it’s on the cards it will be a home delivery feast from the local Syrian/Lebanese place.

And, before you ask …69


Let me be the first on HO!!
Many Happy Returns!
Here is to another great year and good health!


Many more to come, you are still a young rooster, young at heart!


Happy birthday!
1950 was a good year to be born:)


Happy Birthday! Always good to begin the celebration early and get more bang for your buck! :grinning:



These just LOOK better on the package! (Which I know can be deceiving!)