What's for Dinner #46 - the June Is Busting Out All Over Edition - June 2019

BLK (kale) on sourdough baguette, double smoked bacon


Those ARE gorgeous! I wish my husband liked (chicken) thighs!

I need to check the position in the UK, about changing practices.

As folk probably know, our National Helath Service generally provides free medical care (paid from general taxation). Dental services are more complex in that, whilst dentistry is widely available on the NHS, dental practices can also provide private treatment (and many practices don’t offer NHS treatment). And NHS dental services are not entirely free, although charges are capped. I’ve been a patient at our practice for 20+ years but it changed hands a couple of years back. I’ve been less happy with the new dentist who, I think, is more interested in selling me private services than dealing with any issues under NHS treatment. A recent visit has confirmed that with the guy saying that a treatment (crowns) were no longer available as an NHS treatment - when I checked, that is simply not true. And, in fact, crowns are no longer actually recommended treatment for my problem. So, I’ve basically lost all faith in the guy - wanting to charge me around £2k for sub-optimal private treatment, when the preferred treatment (which he has now done) cost £60 as an NHS charge.

As for dinner tonight, pork loin steaks with a gooseberry sauce - basically cooked down berries with a touch of sugar, much as you’d make a sharp apple sauce to go with piggy. Accompaniments as yet undecided. Looks as though our summer may be over after two days - it’s cloudy with temps only forecast to be upper teens. So, dinner inside, I think


Last dinner for us in June:

Grilled pork chops.


Looks more like a BKT


Started the July thread here:

Jay-zuzzzz… nice!

I appreciate that you didn’t make a “jealous much?” face. Enjoy the feast!

These days I can get imported crabs from various Asian countries but I still like the typical brown ones from around these parts. Got whole crabs once but it was too much work so back to just the claws since. I eat the claws all the time, 10 euros a kilo (about 2,5 lbs).

Turn on the radio, open a beer and take my sweet time.



Gorgeous, indeed. I only want to eat the thighs but it’s more economical to buy a whole bird. The partner gladly eats the breasts. Chickens (or meat in general) I eat are expensive so I make a bird last and last, minimum 3 meals.

The absolute best.

Usually get this from the market poultry stall.

Most often bought, naturally yellow chicken from France called “poulet jaune”.

PS: @Harters, my health insurance is expensive and dental insurance is separate. :cold_sweat: Now dental practices are allowed to set their own prices.


W/the PSTOB and saaaalt

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How was the hot chicken? And sides?

It was quite an adventure; ordering and paying online, so it would be ready if I could get the Lyft driver to stop there before taking me to the airport, then packing it in my suitcase at the airport, and schlepping it 2500 miles to Minneapolis to Sacramento.

Dark meat

White meat, minus the wings, which is the only white meat I usually like.

Didn’t eat it until then, and it was not at all crispy, but tasty with the perfect heat ( I ordered medium). I got coleslaw, and waffles, which they only have on Sunday. Waffles were not at all crispy either after the long trip in my suitcase, but husband really enjoyed them. Haven’t tried the slaw yet, and most of my trophy chicken is still in the fridge. And some stained clothes in the washing machine.

BTW, a patient of husband gifted him two pineapples from Hawaii, and I will be looking for ideas on another thread.


Those look wonderful even BEFORE they are cooked! How much per pound, and why? I imagine they are treated well, as are the folks who raise them.

I’ve got two fresh pinapples from Hawaii!


Higher welfare French fine poultry are free-range, free of antibiotic and very strictly regulated. They taste good and are worth the price.

If you ever come across Bresse poultry do try it at least once.


So in reality…it was pedestrian, take away ? you did not actually sit and eat it at Hatties B?..

I did not.

Can it be pedestrian if you arrive via Lyft?

The line was wicked, and the experience seemed extremely popular, but was not what I might have looked for, if I had time.

Big Al’s might have been closer to my hotel, but I couldn’t figure it out, and the internet says it’s not open Sunday.

In my defense, the experience I would have wanted, if not take away, would have been Bolton’s or Prince’s.

But I needed to coordinate conference agenda, hotel check out, Lyft, hot chicken, and connecting flights to Sacramento. Hattie B’s made it possible. Good business model.

Turns out my daughter and my sister are headed there shortly, so any hints will be appreciated.

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