What's for Dinner #46 - the June Is Busting Out All Over Edition - June 2019

To tired to cook, so a quick wedge salad, toasted baguette with cheese, and rose to drink.


Yep. Went to the store just for the steak, and when I looked down at my cart, I had three kinds of red meat in there… I buy red meat maybe twice a year…


Congrats Raptors and fans. :no_mouth:

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Enjoying the evening. Grilled cheese burger with sides . Cheers.


I think it’s one of those “time and place” things, that the immigration came along when Britons were becoming more interested in different foods. Jewish immigration around the late 19th century hardly had an impact - probably mainly due to that community assimilating itself into British society quite quickly. And Caribean immigration during the 50s and 60s simply didnt impact on British food culture. Nowadays things are much more diverse. At present, the largest groups of new immigrants are from eastern Europe and the Middle East. However, my prediction is that the former will also not impact on food culture - these are often skilled workers who are unlikely to set up restaurants not least as there is no real grouping together of the community (other than they have obviously migrated to urban areas. The Middle Eastern folk are already making an impact on the food scene.


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I just mixed cooked brown jasmine rice with cooked riced cauliflower :slight_smile:

Sure! Sauteed minced ginger, garlic, and scallion in a wok in grapeseed oil, then added thick julienned zucchini and thin sliced carrot. Seasoned with salt and a little bit of pepper. When the veggies were tender I removed to a serving bowl and tossed with Chinese black vinegar. Simple but delicious. I don’t think I even used any soy sauce.

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mmmm yum. I don’t think I have black vinegar but sounds like something I should have in my pantry!

Last night was smoked BBQ brisket, California mix with cheese sauce, and cukes with ranch dip.

I trimmed most fat from my portion. It was a little underdone so DH sous-vided the rest.


It’s a must! So good on…wait for it…cucumber salad :rofl:


Wife and I shared a nicely marbled NY strip from Costco. Pan seared in its own fat until nicely crusted. Served with oven roasted potatoes



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We’re leaving for camping this afternoon! Last night I marinated Epicurious’ Sticky Balsamic Ribs (SOFA KING GOOD) and roasted them early this a.m., made the glaze, and now they’re just awaiting glazing/grilling. Also made ratatouille, and muffaletta sandwiches. we’ve got fresh corn and all types of snacky/chippy/dippy things, too, and a cooler-full of booze. because for us, camping means stuff your pie-holes in nature!

We’re going to a lovely spot in Sonoma, Guerneville - Bullfrog Pond in Armstrong Woods. Can’t wait to get out of work, in 2 hours!

and the BF’s snacky dinner last night, to clean out the fridge before we left:


WHOA. I could get into camping if I was promised this kind of menu! Enjoy!!!


:laughing: thanks!

Not only your feast but Bullfrog Pond sounds like a hidden gem! Great find. I won’t spread the word!


Does that part of the world still host the Calaveras County frog jumping race?

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BEAUUUUUUtiful… enjoy the camp…I love getting up in the morning and smelling the earthy surroundings…Enjoy Miss M!

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thank you! we happened upon it ourselves, on visiting Armstrong Woods. It’s so charming! and we have a spot right along the pond.

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