What's for Dinner #45 - 05/2019 - The Sunshiny, Flowery & Blooming May Edition



Thank you!

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Nice portion for half a steak…

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Already? You sound like a newlywed !


Another Rice Stick Stir Fry. This one with Snow Pea Pods, Button Mushrooms, Bean Sprouts & Pistachio Meats…


Like usual, a few meals of the week.

Endive gratin with white sauce and Emmental cheese.

Last night meal was TERRIBLE. Read about the Kansas City smokehouse on another thread on HO. Decided to give a try, MISTAKE. Nothing was right. Brisket, ribs and pulled pork arrived cold, dried and tasteless, fries were cold and soaked. Beer ordered, but never arrived. The bill was wrong (of course charged more we have ordered) and with the loud music…

To erase the nightmare of the last dinner, we decided to go to another Smokehouse, Texas style. Much better! Food were warm and decently cooked! Delicious! YAY!


Sorry :neutral_face:!

Lol yeah? Why?

Second one looks much better!

Not your fault! That article was really promising, the pitmaster seems to be a good one, but the owner wants to sell drinks than food. The concept is a sports bar and is located on the street in Saint Michel with all the tourist traps. Husband didn’t even want to enter, but I insisted. LOL. Now we know that Kitchens Nightmare type of restaurants really existed!


Don’t know, just a feeling! 10 years usually we start hearing some grumbling about DH. LOL.


And many more! We have our 43rd coming up in under two weeks!


I had such a lovely day. Bright blue skies, temps got up to 75°, I got to see a friend, and I got to have a Me Day. I’ll visit with Mom later next week when I have a couple of days off.

Up to Amesbury to visit the Golden Apple Market at Cider Hill Farm where I bought Essex Sea Salt Caramel Sauce and Blood Orange Marmalade from my friend Jeannine of Salter’s Point Provisions, some local-to-me honey, and some scrunchies. Then to Newburyport where I found shoes for Mom just like what she has that has been wearing out and she wanted again. Mom is going to love me best. :grin:

So, errands, then home to spend time reading in the afternoon sun on my deck with my first summer drink, a Cape Codder.

Dinner was BISO chickie boobies marinated in orange juice, ponzu sauce, grated ginger, minced garlic, Aleppo pepper, and honey. Roasted in the oven until done, basting with the marinade.

Sides were Armenian Rice Pilaf and green beans. Wine with dinner.

And cider donuts from Cider Hill Farms for dessert. Not the same as ones in the fall, but still good.


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::champagne::clinking_glasses::clinking_glasses::clinking_glasses::clinking_glasses::clinking_glasses: congratulations and many many more!!!


Wow! That’s huge!

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Some beef noodle soup again. This batch was made with bone in beef shank, which was an improvement over the chuck I usually use. More gelatinous broth and very tender meat.


That looks amazing :slight_smile:


I want one too! I prefer the gelatinous broth and meat! Sometimes I add bone marrow if they are available.


I have said it before and am saying it again: you are the soup master! :+1::beers:

When are you going to Taiwan? You must.

I always use bone-in beef shin for broth and braises. It’s got bone, meat and marrow thus perfect for many uses.

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Oh, my, Mr. H. Stunning.

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