What's for Dinner #43 - 03/2019 - the SMarch Edition


(ChristinaM) #141

That Naan looks great!


Thanks, Christina. I don’t make it often enough to compare recipes, so I need to make it again soon.


Simple egg omelet. I think I ate some bad canned sardines for lunch . A little bit of a upset stomach. Wine to drink .:wine_glass:Cheers . Off to play poker . Ciao


Sounds like a tasty combo! Would blending leftovers into a “creamy” soup work? (I am totally clueless as to if you can/should even do that with cubed cooked chicken)

(saregama) #145

My first asparagus of the season. So lovely… I ate a few while checking the didnt overcook while steaming, and then dressed them “cacio e pepe.” I think the rest will just be eaten plain, they are so good as is.

And dumplings. -shiu mai and chicken gyoza, chili crisp and other assorted splashes on top.

Also made two kinds of dhoklas (steamed lentil / rice cakes) earlier for a friend. Unusually fancy for me, I sandwiched them with green chutney.


Not sure if this was a crazy late lunch or a really early mini dinner, but i had made some broccoli cabbage slaw the other day for lunches in a desperate attempt to remind me of summery picnic food while using the only decent veggies in season now.
Also new container of sesame sticks- made myself buy the little box since I’ll just eat them til they’re gone!

Decided i did want a proper salad, the usual cucumbers and olives with sunflower seeds, a ton of cilantro (new bunch!) and some of the cantaloupe i cut into this morning that was totally crunchy and not ripe at all… (heavy sigh) added miso tahini dressing after the pic

(Jimmy ) #148

Today, when shopping, I asked my BH: “Do we have enough sesame sticks at home?” She told me, “there’s only about a third of a container left.”

We bought more.

(ChristinaM) #149

Those cakes look fabulous!


I would have made a nice thick soup if puréed and adjusted for texture


Was it tasty at least?


My mouth is watering! Fresh asparagus is such an amazing treat! I love to steam asparagus and eat it cold with vinaigrette.


Just GORGEOUS! I continue to buy the stuff from Mexico during the fall and winter, but it’s not the same as hyper-local asparagus.


Those dhoklas look fabulous. Are they both lentil flour? Ha, I should have taken a picture of the rather generic-looking frozen ones we had with our meal this week. No comparison. Our favorite Indian market has locally-made dhoklas on weekends, so we were out of luck mid-week.

(John Hartley) #155

Our forthcoming dinner - A ham and gruyere risotto from Claudia Roden’s “Food of Italy”.

She titles the dish “Antico Risotto Sabaudo” but gives no explanation as to why it’s an old dish from the Savoy region. The risotto is cooked in the usual way until right at the end when some concentrated meat juice goes in (which is one way of using up that little bag of beef stock in the freezer).


My son ordered Hello Fresh meals twice a week for me to be relieved of cooking those days , so he cooks when it arrives.
Today, I am preparing pan seared tuna in EVOO , 3 min on one side, then 2. min on flipped side. After that I smeared it with butter
Dip for it is half teaspoon each of red and green YuzuKosho ,

EVOO, zest and juice of one lemon, preroasted garlic in EVOO , grated ginger and kikoman ponzu soy sauce with lemon juice. ( I am afraid to add too much YuzuKosho as it can get very salty)
Vege is TJ’s frozen brussel sprout roasted for 20 minutes at 400 , drizzled with EVOO, garlic powder, dash of fresh grated pepper with datu puti’s spiced coconut vinegar as dip. ( my son already started eating the Brussel sprouts as usual before I can take pictures)


Have you both been happy with these? Have they been enough food for your son?

I had a very brief experience with Hello Fresh. I thought the meals were tasty. I’m a fairly light eater and remember feeling hungry after at least one of the meals. I felt most people would need 1 or 2 side dishes to be satisfied.

(ChristinaM) #158

But…pureed chicken…yech


I would have fished out the chicken and then pureed. :blush: Or cooked it down until more stew-like and used it as a filling for quesadillas for a little textural contrast.

(saregama) #160

The yellow ones are gram flour (besan), the white ones are rice and urad dal.

I made the yellow ones from scratch, but the first batch didn’t fluff up enough so I panicked and opened a packet for the white ones. (Second batch of the yellow ones were superb, so I should just have been patient).

Have you tried instant dhokla packets from the Indian store? They work pretty well. Homemade (from scratch and fermented) are a different league, but I only say that having just fermented two rounds to experiment with dal and rice proportions. The rest of the time I make sure I have a stash of instant.

(saregama) #161

I steamed a second batch and ate it just lightly buttered!