What's for Dinner #43 - 03/2019 - the SMarch Edition



Always a good combination for a marinade or baking glaze.

(saregama) #204

TJs chips aren’t tostones - they are chifles from Peru. Maybe that’s the problem!

(maria ascarrunz) #205

that all looks fantastic! i love the flavoring of the rice, going to copy that next time.

(Eli Paryzer) #206

Mrs. P made her famous smoky and spicy Andouille sausage pizza with Andouille sausage from http://samsbutchershop.com/ peppers, mushrooms, olives, red onions, mozzarella, and fresh shaved parmigiano-reggiano cheese, among other ingredients. It went great with a spicy Angels’ Share Two Hands Shiraz. I highly recommend Sam’s Butcher shop if you live in the Northeast tri-state area. He runs a small artisanal smokehouse in Moscow, PA, and has the most amazing Andouille sausage, as well as melt in your mouth country ribs, and smoked salmon, among other amazing smoked meats. He needs a week’s notice and ships overnight by Fedex in an insulated package packed with ice. He is the nicest guy.


Friday night steak tip with Ballymaloe steak sauce, both halves of a baked tater with the PSTOB and some sour cream, and steamed green beans.

A “healthy dose” of wine (I couldn’t leave a small amount in the bottle, now could I?) while cooking and eating. After all, it’s Friday night. Yeah, that’s it!

(ChristinaM) #208

Friend brought dinner - rotisserie chicken, kale salad, and tortellini. Pineapple for dessert.


Aha…!! You’re definitely right, obviously neither my friend nor myself realized they would be different!


I was too close to the good garlic knots to not stop…! They had to travel around with me on a few errands and i kept getting garlicky wafts from my bag!! My order included five, yet only three made it home ;))

And salad, cucumber and sunflower seeds in hiding, cilantro, last of the crunchy cantaloupe and some “golden hominey” which as far as i can tell is the same as the white hominey. Added tahini miso dressing after photo.
Bubbly kombucha a la carte


I am cooking the national dish of the Philippines, Chicken Adobo.
There are many versions of adobo
This is my version.
Seared chicken legs ( skin and bone), chicken thighs(skinless and boneless) and one chicken breast on grill pan over stove ( snowing outdoor today)
caramelized 2 onions ( got burnt from

Garlic cooked with EVOO ( lots ) from freezer, crushed ginger, cider vinegar, vinegar from bottle of mezetta’s hot cauliflower , bay leaf, freshly ground peppercorn, and soy sauce.
Simmered on top of stove for a couple hours, best consumed the next day
Picture shows the adobo simmering still. I will turn heat off when I am ready to go to sleep


Broke through the glacier in my driveway. I am ending winter with pork ribs on the smoker . With some sides . Free Willy . Wine to drink . :wine_glass: Cheers

(John Hartley) #213

Does that have any connection with Darina Allen’s Ballymaloe Cookery School in County Cork? I’m a big fan of her daughter in law, Rachel, who has various TV cooking shows in Ireland (which we get on cable in the UK).

As for dinner, there’s pate to start - the last of the one I made for Xmas and froze in slices. Crusty bread, cornichons and homemade onion pickle to accompany,

For a main course, “braised steak in Madiera with five kinds of mushrooms”. That’s the title in St Delia’s “Winter Collection” - we’ve owned the book since it was published in 1995 and this is the first time we’ve cooked it. Actually, it’ll only be four types o f mushroom - dried porcini, oyster, chestnut and large field ones - I’m not going into Chinatown just to get shiitake.

There will be something by way of crispy spud - probably rosti - and whatever veg looks good when we go shopping this afternoon.

Cheese to finish, with more of the crusty bread. We’ve got Gruyere, Harrogate Blue and Kirkham’s Farmhouse Lancashire.


I must have pizza on the brain. Last weekend was Sicilian, and this weekend simple thin crust cooked on the pizza steel at 550 for about 5 minutes or so. Garlic oil on the rolled out dough, then covered with crushed San Marzanos, grated fontina, and asiago and parm for some tang and salt. I can never seem to get them round, but they are tasty. Bonus, there are leftovers for tonight’s dinner.



Oh that’s perfect, I love a good chicken adobo - time to drag out the dutch oven!


I know my son loves adobo but he likes lots and lots of gravy
He would rather have it thin than thick, as long as he has enough to practically submerge his rice in.
Once I used my huge copper 14liter French copper daubiere casserole, gathered all my saved bones, to make nice gravy, then added my meat and finally added gelatin to give the sauce a thicker body and lip smacking richness. . However, I was unable to remove the large copper pot from my stove which was so heavy unless I have guests who can help carry it to the sink to cool down, so I am back to using my dutch oven. I Sadly, I can no longer use gelatin for stock bec of allergy to mammalian red meat.
Give it a try if you plan to make adobo or whatever stock , Just remember to bloom the gelatin so you will not end up with a mess in. your hand.


You can use flour or corn flour to thicken the sauce. I see gelatine more used in dessert recipes.


I usually use sweet potato starch but thickening sauce like adobo, try blowing gelatin because it is made of the hoof and bones of pigs and cows.


Read this


Yes, real gelatin one makes from bone marrow is delicious, I was referring to this type of industrial gelatin, they are common in France.



My mother used to use sheet gelatin or the agar agar that came like sticks because we did not have powdered gelatin then
Come to think of it, I can probably use agar agar as it is vegetable based , since I am allergic to 4 legged animal products. Agar agar is a substitute for vegetarian.
I think chefs claim the gelatin sheets they make a stiffer product, has less odor and do not run into problems with undissolved granules
I find that later problem solved if I bloom the gelatin one tablespoon at a time.

(saregama) #222

I was about to suggest agar agar - that’s what we use for the vegetarians in our family when gelatin is called for in a recipe.