What's for Dinner #43 - 03/2019 - the SMarch Edition

Such fancy brussel sprouts! And I’m distracted by the gorgeous orchid in the background- my black thumb prevents me from buying any more myself


Nothing spring like here in nyc…!
I had an afternoon snack of garlic knots from the fabulous place so wasn’t too hungry but also wanted something hot and needed veggies. Picked up red cabbage so i could pretend like I’m branching out from my cabbage fixation. I mashed together a few recipes for russian braised cabbage, lots of cutting on my mandolin. One of the recipes included carrots which sounded good so those were sliced up too.
Lots of onions, cider vinegar, caraway seed, white pepper, ketchup (which I questioned but multiple recipes called for it so i did), salt and olive oil.
Started out really pretty!

Turned out with the cabbage coloring the carrots and the liquid in the pot

Added some plain cashew yogurt (forager’s) to my bowl after a few bites, that did the trick.


Spag bol with broccolini and also wine :wine_glass:.


My type of dish . :plate_with_cutlery:


There’s supermarket crab pate to be used up. On toast, with slices of cucumber and a dollop of my homemade cucumber pickle.

Followed by slow roast shoulder of lamb with roast butternut squash and broad beans. And gravy - enhanced with a splash of pomegranate molassses (which we seem to add to every gravy these days. And mint sauce (from a jar - it’s far too early for the mint in the garden to be showing signs of life.

For dessert, a Nigel Slater recipe from “Real Fast Puddings” . Chunks of eating apples simmer in a pan along with 50g butter, a little honey, pinch of cinnamon and raisins. It gets poured over ice cream (we have Green & Black’s vanilla)


Last night, we ate out, a great meal.

Octopus and shelfish

Sole with king oyster mushroom

Suckling pig with leek

Full report here:


They are showing signs, saw tiny green leaves!

Such a comfort meal, homemade pierogi?


Your meal are so colourful! Jealous! Just like eating in a restaurant everyday!
Just curious, you can finish each meal a bottle of wine?


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Nah, bought from Eastern European market.

Thank you naf! We only drink wine on the weekends (Friday, Saturday, & Sunday). We are fortunate to have a lot of BYOs in NJ, and I bring my wine (and wine glasses :grinning: ) to the restaurants when we dine out on Saturday & Sunday.
By the way, that dinner you had at l’Arcane last night looked spectacular, with beautiful wine pairings! The pictures you took were beautiful. I could almost taste the food from the pictures :yum:

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You’re probably about 700km south of me.

What’s your day temperature now? 13ºC today here.

It’s been about the same for us today - feels cold after the high record breaking temperatures of earlier in the week.

We dodged a snow-bullet here in the Boston area this morning. Let’s see if we can do the same on Monday morning, although I don’t think we can avoid the freeze that’s hitting after that. Anyway, last night was chicken marsala on fresh rotini. Unfortunately, most of the sauce and mushrooms got lost in the rotini, so the dish looks a lot drier than it was. Simple blanched buttered green beans and crusty ficelle on the side. Next time I’ll use more mushrooms.


Dinner tonight, Korean spicy tofu stew with shrimps and mushrooms. Seaweed, dried anchovy and chilis as soup base. Accompanied with rice.


Spent the day with my wife walking the causeway and a piece of sand called honeymoon island in my town of Dunedin. Probably 12-14 miles. Small breakfast, no lunch, lots of water, so ready for dinner.

Prepped 2 chickens when we got home, split them in half and seasoned them with a salt/sugar mix to rest overnight before hitting the smoker tomorrow. Cooking for my son, his girlfriend and my BIL. Then settled down to making dinner. Simple bagged Rana brand mushroom ravioli which was topped and mixed with butter sautéed sliced brown mushrooms, fresh thyme and a generous spill of 2014 Kosta Browne Sonoma Coast Pinot and side salad. The ravioli was delicious with that mushroom sauté.


Powered up Cabbage Soup. Emptied the 'fridge. La Brea Three Cheese Semolina Bread as a go-with was a bust. Soup? Tasty.