What's For Dinner #40 - 12/2018 - The Hearth and Home Edition


(Dan) #102

My Aunt has hot buttons. She paid half my way to NOLA the year Trump was elected. I love her but some topics aren’t worth the heartburn. The food in NOLA sooooo worth it.


Good call on the “i’ll eat anything”


Yeah, I found out she doesn’t like olives, but it was easy to remove those.

I learned there are copperheads in southern Maryland! I always thought those were only in the western part of the state. @ccj, do you have an issue with snakes where you are, too? (She lives near Upper Marlboro.) Gonna have a tough time sleeping tonight. What if…

(saregama) #105

Made some vegetarian momos a few days ago from a Meera Sodha recipe - good flavor; I cheated after the first few and just made rectangular fold-over dumplings (in my eating math those yield more bites too :roll_eyes:)

This week’s planned dinners have been hijacked by impromptu catching up with friends - shepherds pie at a pub last night, and some (chicken based) ramen and pork buns - along with amazing purple sweet potato tempura - tonight, warding off the chill in the air.


A uninspiring photo but this chicken noodle soup was delicious. I deconstructed this a bit to coax out flavors from each area and ensure that noodles weren’t mushy. I HATE mushy noodles. I made stock all day. Strained it off and set aside. Caramelized the celery, carrots, onions and garlic. Set aside. Bring the stock back to boil and cooked my noodles to al dente. Strained them out then combined the soup together. I had roasted chicken meat already. A spoonful of my ‘secret’ weapon, better than bouillon and this was all done. It is only 30 degrees so I am very much looking forward to a hot bowl of soup for lunch!

(ChristinaM) #107

Sounds great!

(Dan) #108

Roasted roast beef with brown gravy drippings and olive cheese bread, steamed broccoli and snow peas on the side. First time in ages I prepared a roast beef. Lots of garlic studs, thyme, marinated in olive oil and marsala.



Musells with pasta. Seasonings: garlic, butter, parsley, red pepper flakes. Thanks to the help I received in another thread, my family finally ate the broth this time. Also, cinammon rolls with cream cheese glaze.


(ChristinaM) #110

Those rolls look sooooo good!!

(ChristinaM) #111

Quickie “lasagna” soup and green salad


Thank you. I had promised my nephew I would make these for him (it’s his favorite sweet) and when I went to drop some off, he asked, “When are you making cinnamon rolls?!” They finished easily. I think everyone was craving cinnamon rolls today. Recipe link: https://www.bakedbyanintrovert.com/cinnamon-rolls/


Just hearing kugel brought back some memories with my father and his brother fritz visiting . Two Lithuanians making kugel together . My mother would just go hide . Lol .


yes we do see copperhead from time to time
I have to be very careful as they love the stone bulkhead since it is cooler fo them
I have never been bitten by them, my dogs keeps vigil for me.
They bark when they strangers as well as rabbits, squirrels , ground dog and other critters
Too bad they cannot detect ticks, in particular lone star tick


I’ve made crispy chickpeas with canned many times! Best to dry them well between paper towels first, then toss with oil and spices then roast in oven about 350 or 400. Toss them around about 10min after putting in and then again about every 5min til “done”


Tonight’s dinner was lamb chops, roasted asparagus with lemon salt and tiny purple potatoes and carrots roasted in bacon grease.

The lamb was chosen to try to temp the new cat. His shelter issues with eating seem to have followed him. Went to the vet yesterday and they gave him fluids and some medication. He ate and drank a little that evening and overnight! He’s shown no interest in the lamb…The circus cat smells it and is frustrated! But he is making out on treats since he gets every thing the newbie declines. Fingers crossed this improves.

On a plus note they are getting along and are quite interested in each other! No hissing since Saturday. Linda still holds the HO record for fastest feline peace accord!


Holy mother if back to back to back 12hour days… seriously pathetic meals over here, exactly zero made by myself. I would do anything for some of my own freezer soup right now!!
Remnants of japanese delivery Sad Desk Dinner the other night, had an avocado roll, a really lame “tofu salad” that had like two cubes of tofu and the edamame

Got back to where I’m staying too late for decent delivery options (coworkers ordered in mexican but they used pork fat for beans and rice and about nothing i could have on the menu). Ate some stray chips, desk snack stash dry roasted edamame and a yogurt with granola once back at the house.
So lame.

To make up for the lack of interesting food this is my new favorite coworker, Remy. He’s young and enthusiastic about rubbing on new people wearing black clothing!! Haha, whatever, totally worth some puppy kisses!


What a great memory!..The smells from the kitchen!


I hope you are well paid for this mission, need several good restaurant meals to make up all these long hours and delivery food. Another point I see here is delivery food has few vegan choices.

I do like Edamame, but as snacks.


Ohhhhhhh MYYYYYYYYY GAWWWWD!!! I want that I want that I want that I want that!!

HAH! They were both in the doghouse last night when I got home after a very long, frustrating day at work. Destructo-Kitty had decided to rearrange my coffee table contents to “elsewhere” (a.k.a. the floor, the cat bed on said floor, the hallway stairs…) They knew they were on my shit list last night. We’ll see what tonight brings after a probable another long day at work (in today at 7 a.m.) Perhaps they don’t like me working crazy long hours. Well, neither do I, but if they’re going to be kept in canned food and dry kibble and kitty toys, what’s a Mom to do?

I’m glad yours are getting along - they’ll be snuggling up soon enough, I’m sure!

Dinner was started at 8pm last night and eaten at 9pm - chicken thighs seasoned with olive oil, Bouquet Garni herb blend, dried thyme, and ground sumac, along with s/p, and then roasted. Sides were leftover rice and peas. And there WAS wine. And an early bedtime.


They are obviously bored without you. I guess, you should maybe rearrange that table so the energetic kitty can’t throw anything on the floor. I bet he is young too. maybe play with him 5 -10 minutes with a laser light to tire him out. (Too bad you can’t give them wine!) :dizzy_face: :smirk_cat::smile_cat: