What's For Dinner #40 - 12/2018 - The Hearth and Home Edition



I did something a little weird last night. It got good reviews from my husband. As expected, the baby wouldn’t touch it. Hopefully they are having more luck at school today. Pulled pork in savory pumpkin. I had some pumpkin puree from pies and it was annoying me to look at so I wanted to use it up. I thought it needed more zing.

(ChristinaM) #123

Third day of illness. takeout.

(saregama) #124

Yikes. Feel better soon!


Taco Thursday. Using up smoked chuck from Sunday’s dinner


Ugh you or someone else? Baby and husband have had colds all week and I’m inhaling oranges and zinc. Feel better!!!

(ChristinaM) #127

Me :persevere:

Thanks and stay well!

(Dan) #128

For dinner tonight we had patti melts, mushroom risotto my neighbor made and green salad.

Dessert was butterscotch fondue with pear and apple slices to dip.


(ChristinaM) #129

That roll though…yum


I was “sick” today. I’m praying that my white lie doesn’t bite me in the ass! But I did have an eye doctor appointment! Anyways, I checked out lidi (@Rooster - I was actually a bit impressed. A lot of the same products I see at ShopRite but cheaper. I got all this for $50. ) And had time to fully prep dinner. Took bone in chicken and seared it. Added garlic and portobello mushrooms to cook down adding bits of wine and stock. Finished in the oven with roasted brussel sprouts and butternut squash. Papaya for dessert! No pics of dinner because baby and I were too excited to eat ha!

(Dan) #131

Nice haul! Dinner sounds great. Thats one beautiful papaya.

I went back to spend that $5. off if you spend $25. coupon on duck legs and pomegranates. :grinning: I’m going to make duck eggrolls and pomm martinis Saturday.

(ChristinaM) #132

Haribo :heart_eyes:

I once spent $200 at Aldi (family in town) and felt sure I’d set some kind of record :joy:!


That’s a stocking stuffer for my husband ha! That is absolutely a record!


I might go back to buy $25 worth of papayas tomorrow. We ate this in one sitting!


Nothing special . Just been leftovers mixed with what’s in the pantry . Comfort food . Love it . Wine to drink :wine_glass:Cheers

(maria ascarrunz) #136

The Kitchn’s browned butter pasta with parm & panko. KILLED! added the last bit of the Cochon duck pastrami for a meat element as the BF might have died without it. I could eat that pasta every day, with or without duck, and I’m not a huge pasta person. It’s all due to the buttered, crispy panko.

and we’re back on romaine! just came in today, i was told by my local small grocery store owner. BF’s homemade blue cheese as the dressing.



The pasta is beautiful .


Yeah, looks delicious


That is beautiful!

It was “no boil pata”, but I just made after-work lasagna with the frozen bolognese meat sauce from a previous thread.
It’s Thursday, so we just ate it; no pictures.

It’s a Top Chef night! Left a moment too long!


I want to dive head first into that pasta! Wow!

Yeah, I was wondering about the romaine thing. I saw it in the store yesterday but didn’t pick any up.


so, returning from vet’s yesterday for vaccine etc etc with Wolfie and Luna, I stopped by Harris Teeter, bought a meatless pizza ( test like cardboard to me), a crunchy shrimp sushi ( very good)
Found out previously frozen tuna loin was on sale from $16 to $8.99
I asked if I can buy the frozen ones instead to which they presented me with a frozen loin , just under 5 pounds Asked them if it is possible for them to slice it into 5 sections. I froze 4 pieces , left one piece in the fridge for dinner or lunch as I had already taken out a strap venison for my son for dinner tonight.
He is going away again as it is Friday night but prefer the tuna loin, for lunch so I offered for him to take the venison and sear it with butter and coconut oil with his friends for dinner.
Left over pizza is still on the cardboard.
Here are the loin, we will eat it with the usual condiment soy sauce/wasabi ( I do not like ginger for my sushi, neither does my so


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